Cyralost LIVES!

This is the new blog, all about my mythological world, Cyralost.  I just posted the first 50 posts, including stories, fantasy poems (that you may or not seen here on Baldypoems) and a few other interesting items.  The future is bright for The Chronicles of Cyralost as I have hundreds of pieces ready to upload, including a Bestiary, a resource section for fantasy writers, maps, and so much more.  I will also be posting the first chapter of The Chronicles of Tarkus on there.  The epic begins.

Baldypoems will continue as the poetry posting blog it was originally intended to be and I shall be writing and posting more poetry in due course, don’t forget you can see plenty of ‘silly’ poems on the baldypoems facebook page and can even follow this fugly on twitter!

Thank you for your love and support, I’ll be back very soon, hugs from Baldy x

Pals (Written for Al forbes)


You leave me alone,

When I want to be on my own,

And my wishes,

You have heeded,

But you’re always there,

To show that you care,

And always when,

You’re needed.

Though hard to conceive,

You may not believe,

But I have nothing,

But respect for you,

Because you’re solid as a rock,

And when I take a knock,

You prove yourself a pal so true.

I feel lucky to know,

That wherever I go,

You’re only a message away,

A shoulder to cry on,

Someone I rely on,

And you know how to make my day.

You ensure there’s no strife,

I love that you’re in my life,

And feel that I’m on the mend,

It is important I must,

Say that in you, I trust,

My pal, my mate, my friend.



Pals was originally titled:  Carburettor, Rugby Union, Means: I Love You, Man

Diligence (Written for Charles E.Yallowitz)

A steady effort without resistance,

Applying one’s self with earnest persistence,

Industrious, attentive and never shirking,

From responsibility, one is always hard working,

Ensuring consistency and competence, no less,

Such painstaking endeavours to be the best,

Continuation without frustration, resulting in the same,

A persevering character, diligence is my name.




Oblivion, take me,

Dash me to the ashes,

Let me be numb,

Undone, I wish not to feel,

I am dirt and dirty,

I have become misery,

Consumed by this malady,

This cancer in my soul,

I welcome insensibility,

Yearn to be nothing,

Not even the dust,

That blankets my dreams,

And those who slumber,

In the Valley of Dead Gods.






Note: An oldie from the vault, I’m actually doing very well :)

Caress of the Empyrean

Life seems without meaning, revenant, and

Empty, the bread is flat and without flavour,

The whiskey is sour, without warmth, and

Spoilt without you. The seconds still to a

Non-linear time, every moment – a lifetime

I in itself, as I watch the clock mournfully,

Shaking with nervousness I have not known

And a strange anticipation; waiting for you,

And that smile that reminds me of the sun

Coming up. My longing borders on obsession,

The power of something that I can not entertain

With a description that could justify what wells

Up in me like a country spring (That bubbles

Sweetly),  The only emotion that I feel when

You are near… Is music.