Tweeting Twit

In an effort to become more involved and reach a broader audience, I have been engaging with social media (somewhat slowly and poorly as I am a technophobe/useless with computers etc, but I AM having a go at it!).  Baldypoems now has a twitter account as well as a facebook page.  I can’t seem to log out of twitter to find the thingy in the search bar that I can copy and paste as a link but anyone wishing to follow on twitter and/or send a message can hopefully just put Baldypoems in the twitter search whatjamacallit and find me there.  tweets are emailed to me so I will eventually get back to you.  best wishes to all, hugs from baldy x

Baldy’ s Update


Firstly, I’m not sure which is more funny, the fact that I can’t see what I am doing in this picture because I can’t find my glasses (which are bloody behind me!) or the hairbrush behind my balding head!

A big thank you to all those here on WordPress and to all my readers and visitors, I appreciate all the comments and it is kind of those who clicked the ‘like’ button, I am deeply humbled to have followers in the hundreds and the page view counter simply astonishes me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I love to write and having an audience of this size is a gift I shall cherish.

With regards to the first novel set in my mythological world called Cyralost, ‘The Chronicles of Tarkus, Book One: Dungeons of the Deep’, I have decided not to continue with the idea of self-publishing through Amazon’s Createaspace and have ‘shelved’ the book for now.  I wish to wait until I have had the chance (and financial resources) to have it edited professionally and also desire to drum up more interest in the project.  I continue to write in and about Cyralost and have now produced a portfolio of information (that I call ‘the appendices’) regarding everything from creatures and characters to history and spellcraft, content on magical items and weapons, terrific terrain, characters, cartography and so much more; that numbers several hundred pages (as well as some short stories and flash fiction based there).  It is my intention to produce a site dedicated solely to Cyralost  and to eventually find an agent and/or publisher with the hope of making print by more traditional means.  Just because I am no longer naïve, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t continue the dream.  I will keep all informed through the Baldypoems page.  Again, thanks to  all who have shown an interest in Cyralost and feel free to contact me about any of it.

Below is an updated list of pieces I have had published to date (that I am aware of), thanks again for reading and interacting, I love to hear from you (feel free to email me if you don’t want to talk via the comments boxes:  Keep smiling and keep writing, best wishes from Baldy :)

Of Tree, Of Bird, Of Man

Appears in the anthology: ‘Still Life’

ISBN: 1-84436-196-9


Appears in the ‘National Poetry Anthology 2005’

ISBN: 1-84436-165-9

Wolf In Snow

Appears in the anthology: ‘Animal Magic’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-761-0


Appears in the anthology: ‘Whispers on the Breeze’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-901-0


Appears in the anthology: ‘Poetry by Moonlight’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-847-7

Big Issue

Appears in the anthology: ‘A Message to You’

ISBN: 9978-0-85781-014-4

Stranger in the Painting

Appears in the anthology: ‘Poetry in Motion’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-951-5

Finders Keepers

Appears in the ‘National Poetry Anthology 2010’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-886-0

The Farewell Spell

Appears in the anthology: ‘Reflections’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-991-1

Void Melody

Appears in the anthology: ‘Fact and Fantasy’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-916-4

Toasting Chestnuts Whilst I Ponder

Appears in the anthology: ‘A Poem for Christmas’

ISBN:  978-0-85781-025-0

Absent Father

Appears in the anthology: ‘Seeds of Inspiration’

ISBN: 978-0-85781-159-2

Still Love Being Your Husband

Appears in the anthology: ‘What is Love’

ISBN: 978-0-85781-103-5

Cascades of Fire

Appears in the anthology: ‘Here and Now’

ISBN: 978-0-85781-074-8


Appears in the anthology: ‘Secrets of the Heart’

ISBN: 978-0-85781-041-0


Appears in the anthology: ‘Uplifting Moments’

ISBN: 978-0-85781-179-0


Appears in the anthology:  ‘Deep Secrets’

ISBN:  978-0-85781-199-8

Sure is Quiet

Appears in the anthology:  Symphony of Life

ISBN:  978-0-85739-727-0

Cheating Death

Appears in the anthology:  A Clock Strikes Thirteen

ISBN:  978-1-84418-598-6

The Bridge

Appears in the anthology:  Turning of the Tides

ISBN:  978-184418-599-3`

What is Love

Appears in the anthology: Aspects of Love

ISBN: 978-1-8-4418-601-3

Diamond Days

Appears in the anthology: Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II

ISBN: 978-1-84418-623-5

Beyond the Realms of Redemption

Appears in the anthology: Whispers in the Breeze

ISBN: 978-1-84418-628-0

Wonderful Children

Appears in the anthology: Cherished Moments

ISBN: 978-1-84418-626-6


Appears in the anthology: Down Memory Lane

ISBN: 978-1-84418-625-9

Letter published in Carillon magazine issue#33

ISSN: 1474-7340

Only the River Knows

Appears in the Carillon magazine issue#34

ISSN: 1474-7340

A prize winning letter printed in Writer’s Forum Magazine, issue   #127 June 2012, page 11 (I won a moleskin notebook worth £9.95)

My answers to a writing questionnaire published on the Arvon Foundation website:

Ink Stained Fingers

Appears in the anthology: In Other Words

ISBN: 978-184418-635-8

A Day of Rest(less)

Appears in the Carillon magazine issue #35

ISSN: 1474-7340

Oops! (Flash Fiction)

Ode to Ye Olde Water Filter Jug

Uncle Jemmy’s Wibble

Appears in the Worcester Writers’ Circle anthology: You Can’t Be Serious

ISBN: 978-0-9565263-9-7

More Than Cheese

Appears in the anthology: Heart’s Desire

ISBN unknown

Bad Forecast

Appears in the anthology: The Poet Tree – A Collection of Poetry

ISBN unknown

Sarin’s Song

Appears in the anthology: The World at War – Poems From the Battlefield

ISBN unknown


Appears in the anthology: Spirit of Spring

ISBN unknown

The Damnation of Darquelle

A short story based in Cyralost, published in the debut issue of Orcs and Aliens

ISBN: 978-1-304-36631-3

An excerpt from a letter and a poem:

The Beloved Box

Appears in the Carillon magazine issue #36

ISSN: 1474-7340

Dream Weaver

Appears in the National Poetry Competition: Poetry Rivals’ Collection 2013

ISBN: 978-1-84418-647-1


Appears in the anthology: New Beginnings

ISBN: 978-184418-661-7

Oops (flash fiction)

Missing Whiskey (and Wine)

Appears in the Carillon magazine issue #38

ISSN: 1474-7340

Ode to Ye Old Water Filter

And The Filter Jug’s Reply (written by my grandmother)

Appears in the Carillon Magazine issue #39

ISSN: 1474-7340

The Forgotten Gods

Accidents Happen (short story based in Cyralost)

Appears in the E-zine: The Top-hat Raven

Hit ‘N’ Run

I sat with the cat,

While it died,

I sat with the cat,

And I cried,

Because I stopped,

As the cat’s clogs, popped,

I lost something inside,

I sat with the cat,

And I cried,

Because I sat with the cat,

While it died.




When I was in my early teens, I was roaming the streets of Gravesend (in Kent) at night when I saw an odd shape tucked up against a curb. At first I thought it was a discarded black bin-bag but on closer inspection, I realized it was a cat.  The animal was beautiful and I thought it was strange that it did not try to run away like most cats in the area when confronted with a stranger, so I knelt down as I sensed something was wrong.  It turned its head and looked at me, small tongue hanging out of its mouth and blood escaping its ears, breathing ragged with an occasional wheeze.  I noticed one of its legs was bent the wrong way and it was clear that some asshole had hit it or run it over with their car and not stopped to see if the cat was hurt (which may have saved its life, who knows?).  I stroked the head very gently and sat on the curb, praying its pain would end and I smiled at the cat sadly, tentatively stroking a cheek as the light left its eyes.  It only took a few moments for the animal to pass but it felt like an eternity.  I knocked on the nearest door and the occupant kindly phoned a local vet who would take care of the body and inform the RSPCA.  I didn’t give a thought to any potential owner (there was no name tag or contact number as the cat wasn’t wearing a collar).  I am not usually a vindictive sort but I do recall hoping the driver had something bad happen to them and remember feeling guilty about it too.  Poor creature.  Strange how some memories are forgotten for so very long and then return with such clarity for no apparent reason.

Proof Professed

If I am to fear nothing,

Must I then, love nothing?

I fear sleep but hold no,

Affection for it, I dislike,

The loss of time immensely,

The control forced upon,

My physicality, perhaps it,

Is this prison of flesh, the

Very body I reside in that

I fear, for its weakness and,

Lack of reliability, the

Linear confinement of meat.

If I am to fear nothing,

Must I then prove nothing?

The page would be pointless,

Records made redundant,

Literature left as litter, but,

The thinker, regardless of,

Whichever ‘ology’ they,

Profess to love or learn,

Would counter, never able to

Abate debate, as, whether

Points need to be proven,

Or not, thoughts will be thought,

And I fear, sleep will find me,

Before the words are able to.


I have made up my mind,

What a ridiculous notion!

One may make a decision,

But it is not possible to,

Make up a mind, that vessel,

Is always filling, forming,

And formulating. Thoughts,

(Whether consciously,

Continuing or not) occur,

Consistently, in a never-ending,

Education of the self, beliefs,

Are conceived and truths,

Are believed, designed, but,

One can never make up a mind!