Rainbow Heart (or In A sing-Song Soul’s Shadow) a spoken word poem intended for audience participation

The spectre of a spectrum,
Suspended superbly,

In a sing-song soul’s shadow.

The pretence of nonsense,
Says sounds sensibly,

In a sing-song soul’s shadow.

Words worked like wild wizardry,
Wake weakened, waning wants,

In a sing-song soul’s shadow.

Seductive, sensual sorcery,
Fantastic, fictional fonts,

In a sing-song soul’s shadow.

Phantoms of prose (just suppose),
Peopling a playwright’s poetry,

In a sing-song soul’s shadow.

Intrinsically, enticingly, understood universally,
Unwittingly, ushered urgently,

In a sing-song soul’s shadow.

Radiance of relevance (epiphany!),
Start a harp in a rainbow heart,

In a sing-song soul’s shadow.

Sage-like shades, so smart!
People play a perfect part,

In a sing-song soul’s shadow.

In a sing-song soul’s shadow.

©Kieran Davis2013

Beyond the Realms of Redemption

I am the forgotten story, the untold tale,
I am the madness, against which none can prevail,
I am the lost boy, the lonely child in peril,
I am lycanthrope, a half man, feral.
I am destiny, fate that can not be prevented,
I am fervid anger, totally demented,
I am darkness, the night’s omnipotence,
I am the end, there is no defence.

I am incubus, disgusting, me,
I am also succubus, distrusting, be.

I am irredeemable though I can be appealing,
I am lust and loathing, the rape of innocent feeling,
I am why you are tired; I am your “if only…”
I am why you are empty; I am why you are lonely.
I am at fault and faultless, the liar’s employer,
I am your emotional despot, hope and faith’s destroyer,
I am morbific without antidote, the vilest addiction,
I am barren; I bare the fruit of contradiction.

I am immaterial, yet everything, you see?
I am awful, wonderful me.

I am Hell’s hunger, what the gods left behind,
I am the malady devouring your mind,
I am vampiric; none can sate my thirst,
I am beautiful and horrible, equally blessed and cursed.
I am the fading of black in to grey,
I am hysteria, what remains of the day,
I am the voices, the silence, the scream,
I am Azrael, Gabriel’s bad dream.

I am schizophrenic, psychotic, we,
I am without music, just let me be.

I am the name you can not iterate, the word never to be spoken,
I am that which can not be shattered, I am already broken,
I am the poison that you suckle, I am beyond believing,
I am without order, tyrannical inbreeding.
I am young and ancient, yes, both old and new,
I am the awakened memory that you thought you slew,
I am not demonic or angelic, neither heaven nor hell’s possessed,
I am neither male nor female, I am all sex not repressed.

I am all and nothing, not what you think you see,
I am almost without words, not much more from me.

I am unmade, not even a beginning,
I am not finished; I am just the stinging,
I am a harbinger, I bring grave news,
I am the incommunicable in the muse.
I am the epilogue, sanity’s eulogy,
I am the revenant, the ferryman paid me,
I am without reason, the violence of frustration,
I am chaos’ chorus’ instrumentation.

©Kieran Davis

About Baldy

Things you should know about me:


I’m bald.



I write poetry (amongst other things)


This picture makes people smile, hence I use it as my avatar.

I had a blog called oopshowdthathappen (where you may have seen much of the material that will be posted here) but I went more nuts than I usually do and deleted it.  I regret this.  This is a poetry blog, a place for me to share poetry.  I write in a variety of styles and sometimes in character, please do not assume that any one poem pertains specifically to me.  Whilst I write some particularly serious poetry, I do NOT take myself seriously and have a wicked sense of humour (please do tell me a joke and never be offended by one I make, I never intentionally offend).  To prove this, here are some pictures of me being silly:





Keep smiling and keep writing.  Be, breathe, believe.

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