Swords and Stones

Fuelled by the frustration of failure,
The children emulate God’s chosen,
A vengeful angel watches the nostalgic seer,
As the heart of thunder is ripped out and frozen,
The whore plays God with the wolves and the ravens,
Whilst a Wraith steers lost children to Darquelle’s pavilion,
The fool bleeds the tarot cards in tired amusement,
And the sorcerer rides in to oblivion.

Trusting the runes, Destiny levels the land,
The oceans of the sky bring the mountains down,
And the Dragon King is humbled,
By a Gypsy boy and the tears of a clown,
A chalice of blood falls to the sand,
At the foot of a staff and a sword made of fire,
The tower destroyed, the wheel unravelled,
The pentacle is cast in silver and desire.



4 thoughts on “Swords and Stones

  1. tjtherien says:

    a little off topic but how is your fantasy story coming…???

    • finished book one, waiting until the end of the month to hear from publisher (they’ve had it two months and suggest a 3 month waiting period for response) fingers crossed that they like it, thank you for asking. Wrote the first page of book two this week and have a TON of plot and notes etc. Just need to stop procrastinating and kick myself in the arse to get on with it (I have TONS of excuses, kids, work etc, but lets face it, every writer has a busy life, I know I’m only trying to fool myself, which is stupid). Wrote a few more appendices, some good stuff on undead and dark deities. Sahm said you were interested, it has been most encoiuraging to hear and I appreciate it. Are you writng anything other than poetry? I nearly asked what you were ‘working’ on but I loath to think of writing as work!

      • tjtherien says:

        fingers are crossed and sending positive energy…well now that you have agreed to be part of “The Group” maybe some group members can give you a little kick in the pants in the motivation department…. as for myself I have my irons in a few fires at the moment. there is the poetry thing, and now I’ve branched off into short stories and an even bigger project for which I created a blog just for. I am writing a Romance (but not a romance) by serial… the link is in the side bar on my blog under the heading “This Is Not A Harlequin Romance” I’ve also taken to participating in writing prompts more… but I am still being selective as to which prompts I will do…

      • Good man! I’ve noticed the ‘this is not a harlequin’ but never gotten round to reading, I shall be sure to make more of an effort, pal. It is an honmour to support the elite. ‘The Group’ is an interesting and exciting prospect, I can see good things happening here, very good things.

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