Evolutionary Psychology (Idea)

I am told that it was developed during,
Different periods of time,
Etiology provides history pertaining to,
A fear of snakes common to all simians,
Indeed, the monkey has often taken flight,
Desperate and anxious to remove itself,
Ever paranoid that the serpent will,
Attack, though the snake will suggest,
Indiscriminately, Science contradicting,
Divine scripture, Adam feared the snake,
Eve gorged herself on its lies,
Allegory delivered fearfully in myriad ways.

Get the idea? Inspired Sahm King’s acrostic prompt (sorry I didn’t do the whole thing and try an acrostic for my favourite book but The Dragons of Autumn Twilight (Dragonlance) was a bit daunting after a hard day’s work, I’ll have a stab at it soon! Nice prompt, Sahm (I like the form)!
(someone will have to show me how to do a pingback (?) and how to link prompts/blogs etc, Baldy is stupid when it comes to computers!)



5 thoughts on “Evolutionary Psychology (Idea)

  1. Bastet says:

    The pingback is easy…whilst writing your poem, where you write the name of the promt ergo in your post – here we could have used Sahm King’s Acrotic Prompt…you 1) run your mouse over the title or name of post to highlight it…2) the paperclip (make link) on your editor will become evidenced…3) click the paperclip and 4) you then place the URL of the post you want to link…5) on the second line write the name of the blog or link…6) tic: open link in a new window or tab..7) then click add link…the pingback is done!

    • thank you, I have pasted that on to a word document and printed it off to try soon. I really appreciate that, pal. Its funny, we all have certain skills that would amaze others but seem simple to us and yet acts that are simple to others appear as colossal challenges to us. I have always wondered where my techno-thingy problems comes from, I try something new with the computer and just instantly get cross and confused, so daft! my boy knows more about computers than I do and he’s twenty years my Junior! You should see the things he can do with his eggbox 360! *grins*

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