Smile (Or Poem for Polly)

Cheer up, beautiful,
Everything will work out fine,
Smile for me, my friend,
Things like this happen all the time,
I know it is not easy,
When you are out there on your own,
But have no fear, my dear pal,
I swear you are not alone,
Your friends and colleagues adore you,
Everything will be okay,
It will sort itself out in the long run
And love will find a way.



2 thoughts on “Smile (Or Poem for Polly)

  1. evehuman2013 says:

    Encouraging! So often you need someone who tells you that it will be alright, but most often he or she isn’t there….

    • Too true, I endeavour to be supportive wherever and whenever I can (for all). We are fortunate that this community is so encouraging of each other, I revel in the good vibes and do my best to do my part in making life a brighter experience. Keep smiling 🙂

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