As I emptied the dishwasher,
Can you guess what I found?
(Besides the plates and dishes)
I discovered a coin, a pound!
Hooray! Free money! Curious,
I do not recall losing one there,
My wife claims that it was hers,
With her usual, cheeky flare,
I said: “Finders, keepers and
What is yours, is mine.”
And I am sure that you can guess,
It was a truly foolish line,
I would never win that argument
(Though we never truly quarrel)
She smiled with her gorgeous green
Orbs that met the souls in mine of sorrel
And I relinquished my discovery
(I do not really like money)
Willingly and happily;
I laugh with my honey.



6 thoughts on “Found

  1. Mike says:

    Enjoyed this rhyming rhythmic romp – well done (wimp).

  2. Bastet says:

    Like the line..I do not really like money…reminded me of the Fox and The Grapes…;-) great rhyme!

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