Squeeze (Warning: Adult Material)

Not sated, unsatisfied,
I burn with desire,
A soul seeped in sex,
Trapped in a funeral pyre,
Love? Hah! Nonsense!
Her heart was a liar,
I yearn, damn! I burn!
And can not escape the fire.

Soft and sinful, sensual,
You fuck all my flaws,
Our mouths desperate to taste,
Our souls like gaping maws,
Hungry for the touch, desperate,
Though beyond want of intercourse,
I need not to be in you but to be you,
I would be that close, all yours.


I recently read some erotic poetry and remembered how some adult material can be artful without appearing crude (I hope this met that criteria).


5 thoughts on “Squeeze (Warning: Adult Material)

  1. Oh INDEED it did!! DO check out my menu and find the erotica (both poetry and prose) section. I feel that it’s MORE of a turn-on NOT being crude, when the innuendos and allusions are done artfully a beautifully 🙂

    • thank you, I shall. Sex is such a taboo subject for so many, it is refreshing to see uninhibited people write about it artfully. It should be celebrated and whilst I never intentionally offend anyone, I like to tease a blush or two! I also hope that I write with enough diversity that at least one topic takes someone’s interest and that people believe I am a serious poet who doesn’t take himself too seriously *giggles*. Best wishes, Lilith (mistress), kind regards from Baldy (minion)

  2. Bastet says:

    Ooooo smoldering good!

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