Writing Prompt No. 6#

Adult ‘Nursery Rhyme’ / A nursery Rhyme for Big Kids

A bit different today, could be fun, let me know if and when you have a stab at this latest baldy-prompt. Keep smiling and keep writing, best wishes from Baldy 🙂


21 thoughts on “Writing Prompt No. 6#

  1. oooooo this aught to be interesting…. hmmm…. must think here….. 😉

  2. tjtherien says:

    might take a day… but I think I want to do this one pretty bad

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  4. […] The mouse ran up the clock The mouse squeaked twice And tossed the dice As his head rolled off the block     ©2013 Spiritwind Studios for Baldy  […]

  5. C.J. Black says:

    Mary had a little scam
    I want you all to know
    Everywhere Mary went
    You were sure of snow
    Her pimp followed her one day
    Which was against the rule
    He watched her laugh out loud as she made her play
    Mary was a mule
    She was a proper teacher of that there was no doubt
    Who showed little fear
    As she waited patiently about
    Till her next client did appear
    Why does the pimp love Mary so
    While she works on the sly
    Mary loves the pimp you know
    Let us all breathe out a sigh.

  6. […] a lascivious gift from her lusty knave poison to some, yet to her sweet nectar from his sensuous spell, none could protect her grasping snow white hips with nimble fingers upon ruby lips his lust still lingers tasting of salt and sweat and brine evidence of his passion, his essence so fine thorn sprouts within the garden, invading the bush pricking both bud and bloom so fragrant and lush no dwarf was he, no being so small for he possessed her, enveloped her, encompassed all gathering every morsel of her sweet ardor and devouring it with voracious fervor til wilted and spent in slumber she lay til again upon her he chose to prey     ©2013 Spiritwind Studios another for Baldyprompts  […]

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