Gaoler’s Chant

Lock ‘em up!
Knock ‘em down!
Throw away the key!
Lock ‘em up!
Knock ‘em down!
Steal their sanity!

Some of them just sit in their cells and go crazy. Most of the time – we tend to just let them.
An excerpt of a torn diary found on the hideously dismembered corpse of a prison officer at the Bastion of Barbarity (formerly the city of Ixi Bagor) where the insane and turning victims of the Nevermore curse were sent when Tarkus began its decline and later became known as Isle of the Mad.

What if I had jumped when the quiet little voice told me to?
Scrap found in the possession of a prisoner hanged for the murder and mutilation of a prison officer at the Bastion of Barbarity, the last to meet such justice before the place was over-run and fell to the lunatics as the Nevermore curse spread throughout Tarkus.

From my fantasy writing peertaining to The Chronicles of Tarkus



2 thoughts on “Gaoler’s Chant

  1. C.J. Black says:

    Shared this on Twitter – wonderful imagination.

    • many thanks, I think that may be the first time I have been on twitter! I hope you like the next post, inspired by Lilith’s prompt, ‘the burning times’. keep smiling and keep writing 🙂

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