I wander a land of shadows,
Chasing the morning, far from home,
A raven whispers to the moon,
Music is absent where I roam.
Night sees only heartache,
Dreams of the forgotten,
A mystery in the eyes of the wolf,
Heaven is begotten.

Shades of ash and charcoal,
Paint the evening sky,
I pursue the daylight
And fear the dark can not die.
Sorrow seeps through the trees,
A sap of misery,
Children used to believe in magic
But now that is history.



9 thoughts on “Change

  1. That’s why there are people like us to bring the magic back. 😉

  2. goldbot says:

    Really like the imagery and the feeling! Instantly drew me in and captured me. The last sentiment breaks that a little for me, though, as it turns from abruptly your experience into a comment about children.

  3. Angel says:

    beautiful. and the ending is perfect! it kinda seals the deal. (Y)

  4. C.K. Hope says:

    I love how you did this, the end about children not believing in magic. It gives the rest of the poem a feel similar of the Neverending Story to me.

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