Two Men Walking

Two men walking,
Friends they are of old,
Two men walking,
Tales and stories told,
In to the river,
Memories run like a stream,
Two men walking,
Out of the dream.

Two men walking,
Strange are the songs they sing,
Full of both joy and sorrow,
Mended heart but broken wing,
Frabjous but fractious,
With shadows, stalking,
Mile upon merry mile,
Two men walking.



7 thoughts on “Two Men Walking

  1. “Frabjous but fractious” – what a wonderful phrase

    • thank you, Paul. this is one of my older poems (from many, many moons ago) and I was most pleased to rediscover it, solely on that phrase. frbjous (meaning delightful – in a generalised kind of way) is one of thos wonderful words that has fallen out of favour in every day life, it was coined by Lewis Carol. Glad you liked it 🙂

  2. Shainbird says:

    Love this one Baldy, reads like a riddle but wrapped in gentility.

  3. Bastet says:

    This is a lovely poem, really liked it, is there a name to this form you used?

    • thank you, dear Bastet, this is a very old poem from mid teens. the form is called ‘baldywroteandlookwhathappened’. It was from a time when my best pal and i used to walk many, many miles regularly. it was amongst the happiest and saddest times that could have been had (hence frabjous and fractious). some wonderfully uplifting and equally heartbreaking memories there 🙂

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