Baldy’s Book, ‘The Chronicles of Tarkus: Dungeons of the Deep’

The Chronicles of Tarkus takes us in to a realm of warring empires, where magic comes at a cost and myths are made real.  This is a land where pirates fight alongside kings in the ever-long battle between good and evil and the fate of nations can be decided by dancers.

The chronicles of Tarkus marries High Fantasy with Swords & Sorcery storytelling, providing a rich setting with new fantasy concepts and a really good turn on some old ones.



I have the ISBN number, people.  Some details to iron out with Amazon but not long now…

Brace yourselves   🙂


5 thoughts on “Baldy’s Book, ‘The Chronicles of Tarkus: Dungeons of the Deep’

  1. Sahm King says:

    Ooooooooooooh man! 😀 Hell yeah, Baldy. Ah, I can’t wait for this. Bring on the fantasy brotha!

  2. goldbot says:

    Sweet. I’m sure it will be a great read! I will be sure to spread the word 🙂

    • thank you for your support, pal. I appreciate it. Very excited, hope the proff-read copy is perfect or the wait will be unbearable! I am having a think about possibly publishing a slim volume of appendices as a cheap ‘teaser’ to entice people to buy the novel or reward them depending on how you look at it. I have a lot of material. Started writing book two recently. Good stuff. Hope you are well, keep smiling and keep writing 🙂

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