I sit with pen and paper but then recall,

I must do the dishes, another stall,

Check the mail and do the washing up,

I fancy tea; I’ll have a cup,

Vacuum round and tidy the mess,

So many things to do, the stress!

I’ll pop to the shop for bread and butter,

I rush round like a complete nutter,

Sweep the kitchen floor, make the bed,

I should be writing but I clean instead,

Dust the shelves, call my mum,

Then Gran and goodness!  I’m struck dumb,

As what I’m writing joins the conversation,

And I realise my foolish procrastination,

Make some food and dry the dishes,

See to the children, grant their wishes,

I must do this; I’ll just do that,

Feed the fence and paint the cat?

I’m getting muddled! I should’ve made a list!

There’s so much stuff to do that I’ve missed,

What was I doing?

I sigh and then I smile,

Of course, I was writing,

But I’ll do that in a while.

Writing Prompt No. #8

whilst we’re all waiting for baldy to reclaim his sanity and get some computer issues sorted, why not have a go at a baldy-prompt?

We writers have two issues that plague us (with or without technology’s added problems):  Writers’ block (which I hope to dispel with these prompts) and ‘procrastination’ so I thought we could have a double prompt today.  Pick either and writes a poem or piece of flash fiction about writers’ block or procrastinating and please do send me a link to your post as I would love to reblog your endeavours.  GOdd luck and best wishes to all.  Keep smiling and keep writing!  Best wishes from Baldy 🙂




very cross

took me a flaming hour to post two flippingg poems, mega annoyedoff with the damned computer as usual, may not be back for a while.  I WILL be back, just need to calm down.  Appologies,  be well and keep writing.  Best wishes from Baldy.


For those who read this first time round, I have omitted the swear words and retitled this post as the writers’ circle that I am very proud to be involved with (Worcester Writers’ Circle) may be adding a link to baldypoems on their website, I’ll keep all posted (pun intended) about that and encourage asll to have a look at the other writers’ efforts through the aforemeented individuals that I meet up with for the writers’ circle.


I appologise for not having replied to comments in a timely fashion (or at all in some cases) and say sorry for lack of productivity here lately.  the internet/computer issues are terribly frustrating and I asm missing being able to read all of your blogs as much as I am upset about not contributing to my own!


It took me forty minutes to post one four line poem earlier!  Hopefully things will get sorted soon and I can begin to enjoy this blogging experience again!  In the mean-time, I would like to say a very big thank you to all who read baldypoems (and we drink because we’re poets & the 13th floor paradigm), thank you so much for your comments, kind port.  I love being a part of this community and wish everyone the very best.

In-case I can’t post or comment for a while, here is the video I posted very early on in my blog, it is my first ever public poetry performance with some of my silly poems, enjoy 🙂

Cascades of Fire

Air on light, aged eyes smile,

Memories ancient and new,

Constellations fade with magic,

Sorrow slain in the cold night, blue,

Music masks the mayhem,

Lies are shattered, truth so real,

Oceans cringe before the power

Of the passion I feel.


Paint my soul with a hundred colours,

Each a shade to signify a different notion,

Shadows flee from thee, my star,

You pushed love in to motion,

Rainbows filter through the water,

Spectrums fade on satisfied desire,

Comfortable feelings like cascades of fire.


Colour-Blind & Colourless

These two poems are for Sahm King and We Drink Because We’re Poets, following his magnificent monday prompt.  Best wishes from Baldy.




A world absent colour,

Blight upon the eye,

Love prefers a broader palette,

Not shades that cry,

Friendship enjoys a tapestry,

Of vibrancy and delight,

Rid the world of races,

Be one with all tonight.





A world holds its breath,

As gods, observing,

Stand idle, perhaps helpless,

Themselves as undeserving,

Individuals are punished,

By cruel despots, our kin,

Made slaves again to hate and pain,

For wearing different skin.


Is it not enough that poverty,

And famine causes such strife?

We go to war over religion,

And rape what’s good in life,

Racism – So ridiculous!

Bless all the flesh’s hues,

It’s about time we were responsible,

Some still need to change their views.


The sky starts crying, poetry,

A deluge, damaging a bard’s

Appearance before an audience,

Hail, biting like glass shards,

Soaked and shirtless, sobbing,

The poet falls on bended knee,

Shadows, wet and whispering,

The storm’s sweet symphony.

Sorrow sails in paper boats,

From a jaded journal’s pages,

On a newborn stream of broken dreams,

The rain corrects the sage’s


Of maltreatment and neglect,

The poet ponders the penalty,

Paid for the chance to reflect.