Silly Poem #48

I went for my annual check-up,

It was not the doctor but the apprentice,

Who gave me a prostate exam,

Perhaps I should change my dentist!


7 thoughts on “Silly Poem #48

  1. No fillings needs then!
    I.O.U. several belly laughs. :)x

  2. *needed* Grr, predictive thingummy.

    • thanks for the email with the pigeon picture attachment, I will file it with my flash fiction. couldn’t reply to the email via email as intiweb/computer stuff is not doing as it is told, am amazed I have stayed online so long tonight, just goping before i give in to my urge to take a hammer to the bloody thing. apprecioate the mail and will get back to you soon, pal. had some good responses to the reblog of your flash fiction challenge and sent some people your way so hope you have some new followers/friends. best wishes from baldy, mon amis. 🙂

  3. LMAO!! XD VERY well done my minion :3

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