very cross

took me a flaming hour to post two flippingg poems, mega annoyedoff with the damned computer as usual, may not be back for a while.  I WILL be back, just need to calm down.  Appologies,  be well and keep writing.  Best wishes from Baldy.


For those who read this first time round, I have omitted the swear words and retitled this post as the writers’ circle that I am very proud to be involved with (Worcester Writers’ Circle) may be adding a link to baldypoems on their website, I’ll keep all posted (pun intended) about that and encourage asll to have a look at the other writers’ efforts through the aforemeented individuals that I meet up with for the writers’ circle.


I appologise for not having replied to comments in a timely fashion (or at all in some cases) and say sorry for lack of productivity here lately.  the internet/computer issues are terribly frustrating and I asm missing being able to read all of your blogs as much as I am upset about not contributing to my own!


It took me forty minutes to post one four line poem earlier!  Hopefully things will get sorted soon and I can begin to enjoy this blogging experience again!  In the mean-time, I would like to say a very big thank you to all who read baldypoems (and we drink because we’re poets & the 13th floor paradigm), thank you so much for your comments, kind port.  I love being a part of this community and wish everyone the very best.

In-case I can’t post or comment for a while, here is the video I posted very early on in my blog, it is my first ever public poetry performance with some of my silly poems, enjoy 🙂


12 thoughts on “very cross

  1. Sorry for your frustrations- a nightmare for writers! Best wishes getting things back on track.

  2. Shainbird says:

    Best wishes Baldy.

    • thanks pal, I am missing you all (haven’t been able to read anyone’s blog for ages!!!) it has taken an hour to edit one post and reply to some comments, flaming thing keeps freezing and crashing, so frustrating!). I’ll be posting and commenting again soon I hope (and getting my wife, Sian to hire a legion of assassins to take out the useless internet provider!). best wishes, mon amis 🙂

  3. lisajsmi says:

    I suck at computers but am working on it….I feel your frustration. Then I had to laugh (no disrespect) only because I have been there myself so many times. And the irony of this…I have been asked to teach a Special Education Elective on Digital Tech. hahahahaha Good thing I know how to use Power Point and Prezi somewhat. Students probably know more than I. Hope you are back on soon. I am just beginning to read your writing and it strikes an emotional cord. The same passion that pissed you off about the computer makes you a wonderful writer.

    • that is wonderfully sweet of you to say, Lisa, thank you for your empathy and sympathy. I am glad you liked what you have read so far and hope to be posting more soon. I shall take a look at your own blog as soon as I am able to use the computer/internet long enough. It has taken an hour to edit one post and reply to six comments so far as it keeps freezing and crashing, so frustrating as I want to reply to all, read others’ writing and post some more of my own! nevermind, back soon, i, pal 🙂

  4. Sahm King says:

    Dude… If you can manage to tell me what exactly is going on with your computer, I may be able to offer at least a temporary solution… I mean, unless you’ve already tried all the temporary solutions…

    Bummer, man.

    • thanks, Sahm I appreciate the offer and am really grateful for you precious time, support and encouragement as always, pal (it means a lot to me). I think most of the problem is with the internet provider. it freezes or crashes when the phone rings, won’t work at all when another device is in use (like Jonathan’s xbox or Sian’s android). it is rediculously slow and often freezes mid sentance without me noticing so i am typing away for an age but nothing appears on the screen. 40 minutes earlier just to post a four sentences!

  5. C.K. Hope says:

    I’m sorry, I know how frustrating computer problems are. I think live-in tech’s should come standard with each computer purchase.

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