Leave A legacy (or ‘I Insist’)

Tear down the titans,

Grapple with the gods,

Wage war with words,

That will beat the odds,

Will the quill,

To chew what was bitten,

With powerful penmanship,

History is written.



9 thoughts on “Leave A legacy (or ‘I Insist’)

  1. Al says:

    History is written by the victors 🙂

  2. Love that ‘the chew what was bitten’ line. Something about it sounds primal.

    • excellent, thank you, Charles, glad you liked it. hope all is well with you, sorry for not having visited lately; you may have noticed I am encountering the usual internet/computer ailments! I’ll check in with you as soon as I can. very best wishes, pal 🙂

  3. The quill has proven itself to be quite the powerful weapon over the centuries. Excellent poem.

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