Awaken the myth,

Let the legend be born,

Believe in the legacy,

From which we have drawn,

Our template, our temples,

The dreams we keep safe,

We can achieve,

If we just breathe our faith



I like a variety,

Of textures and flavours,

A myriad of colour,

A mixture of behaviours,

I love to hear of different cultures,

Hear other people’s view,

Make a magical memory,

Experience something new,

I like to listen to music,

Imagine the notes being chased,

Melody, requiem, rhapsody!

I have quite eclectic taste,

I like to be a little different,

Eat soup with a knife,

How I adore a ‘mixed bag’,

This buffet we call ‘life’.

Deciduous (Or ‘Falling Leaves)

I watch the wind-blown leaves,

In a flurry of colourful play,

Thinking the scattered lavings,

Seem in a hurry as they sway.


Dust and debris settle,

In a destined pattern on the path,

I think not of home and hearth,

For I like this weather, laugh,


At raindrops as they plink and plonk,

Against the glass, a smear, a stain,

Of Autumn mulch from yester-year,

Sod-soaked memory lane.



Baldypoems: An Update


Greetings to all!  I hope this finds everyone in good health and high spirits, I have missed you all (yes, even you) and look forward to participating in the wordpress community again soon.  My computer and internet issues are, at present, still plaguing me, I am snatching a rare moment when the lights on the computer are staying on and the internet appears to be in a good mood.  My beautiful wife is in the process of dealing with the internet provider (threats of violence delivered via big, wet fish etc) and I am hoping to replace this dinosaur of a computer in the near future.  Untill such time, I am sorry to say that posting and reading your blogs will be very limited but I WILL be back at some point and will hopefully have news of other projects when I return to full blogging capacity.

I wish everyone every success with their writing and sincerely hope to hear from you soon.  Very best wishes from Baldy.


Now, lets see if I can post a few poems before the computer enters another bloody ice-age…  Keep smiling and keep writing.  🙂