Criminal and When We Were Almost Young





The way you look at me,

Seduces all that is immoral within me,

Your eyes hold the image of angels in flight, yet,

Your lips breathe the dance of dangerous devils.

And I want to hold you like I want to live,

Spirits bound through the catacombs of my mind,

My thoughts cringe before the wicked voices,

That scream your name in the valley of my conscience,

And carnivorous demons feast on my soul,

For what I am thinking I would like to do to you.

The way you make me feel is criminal.



When We Were almost Young


Do you recall our tree?  The Blanket and the bed made of hay?

The special feeling we thought was love, the others thought it play,

Do you remember our walks up the railway track, always hand in hand?

Our elders thought us silly, they could never understand,

How we felt that summer, when we pretty much lived at the lake,

Such an amazing season, I made only one mistake,

And that was to let you go that winter, oh! How my heart was stung!

It is still strange that we felt so much, when we were almost young.


And now the years and miles are between us, I still think of you,

Wondering where you are, how you are doing, are you thinking of me too?

Do you recall the poetry and the letters?  The time we spent in bed?

Just listening to music, one look, one touch and everything was said,

The days that went on forever, the nights gone in a blink,

I remember you smiling always (and that mischievous little wink),

Do you remember the laughter, how we always had so much fun?

I miss your company and your kisses and when we were almost young.


Beware the Barrows!

Beware the barrows!
Be wary of the Wight,
The Banshee, oh how she,
Wails in the night!
Fear is nectar to the Specter,
Such tears of terror, shed,
The spirits here are restless,
Leave well alone, the dead!

Leave well alone, the dead!
Avoid the Ghost and Ghouls,
No treasure is worth,
Damnation, fools!
Animated remains will attack,
With ghostly swords and arrows,
Flee! Be gone! Go back!
Beware of the barrows!

Appendix for those who enjoy traveling in Cyralost with me:

The Barrows

In the North-West of Tarkus, west of the imperial palace, lies an immense series of small hills, all hallowed out to hold the remains of the realm’s finest, the champions, heroes and anyone rich or famous enough to have bought or earned a place there.
The Barrows is a network of man (and Dwarf) –made caves and cairns, tombs and burial mounds, ranging from simple piles of rock and stone to elaborate monuments, sarcophagi and mausoleums. This necropolis sports evidence of every known faith in Cyralost and no tradition goes unobserved (if only the world’s inhabitants could live in the same harmony in which they die).
There is a well armed guard station that houses a delegation of imperial soldiers that diligently patrol the area and execute would-be grave robbers. The guard post was positioned following the raid that desecrated the burial ground of Bryn Battlehammer, a hero, long deceased. Bryn’s remains and belongings were all taken but many still visit to pay their respects (and there are many curious ‘tourists’).
Many of the barrows are said to be haunted, rumors and ghost stories involving mummified remains becoming animated, walking skeleton warriors, restless spirits, Banshees and Wights (and all manner of undead) believed to be in residence, though the guards are vague in their accounts of such; usually deflecting this kind of conversation but encouraging enough belief to deter visitors at night.
Who knows…?

Faerie Blades

Faerie blades were once displayed,
In desperate times for the Fae,
To protect the pure, the helpless,
And defend the light of day.

Forged by the will of Amorette
And gifted with her blessing,
Liberation for those repressed
And woe for those, oppressing.

Faerie blades were once displayed,
In desperate times for the Fae,
To protect the pure, the helpless
And defend the light of day.

Born in places like Starcadia,
Other planes of existence,
Faerie-kind would oft remind,
That hope still had assistance.

Faerie blades were once displayed,
In desperate times for the Fae,
To protect the pure, the helpless
And defend the light of day.

Appendices for those who enjoy travelling through Cyralost with me :

Faerie Blades

The residents of Faerie are a peace loving but fiercely defensive and powerful allies. All that come from that mystical realm have a dislike of weapons and mistrust of those who bare arms. Weaponry is forbidden there and any who are found armed within the realm are quickly expelled and often punished
Following the War of the Races, Amorette, the Faerie Queen, was convinced to arm various Faeries and allow a troop of knights safe passage whilst armed, to enter her realm to defend against an army of Ogire that had forced their way in and had evaded capture and consequence through sheer numbers and brute force.
The Faerie queen realised that their way of life was endangered and that certain rules must be bent or broken if they were to prevent the realm from falling. With great sadness but firm conviction, Amorette willed the first Faerie blade in to existence. The short sword was a wide blade, two feet in length and impossibly sharp, able to slice when two inches away from its intended target.
Instead of a runnel, there was a highly detailed picture of a Faerie kissing a rose embossed at the base of the blade, the beautiful flower’s stem wrapped around and threaded through an intricate lattice design of silver that sparkles as if dusted with diamond or mythore. Its hilt, consisting of a slim cross-guard and handle, is smooth steel that ends in rounded tips and the handle is wrapped in soft blue cord. The Faerie blade is superbly balanced and has the ability to blind an opponent temporarily. Amorette’s spellborn sword can never break.
The first Faerie blade was given to sir Morris Tombstone, the knight captain who changed the views of the Faerie queen towards the need to defend her realm and sir Morris led the campaign against the Ogire army that saved the realm of Faerie from subjugation but sadly cost him his life when he and the Ogire king, Hofgrew, slew each other in a fierce final battle.
Sir Morris earned the thanks and respect of Faerie-kind and Amorette blessed the knighthood, bidding safe passage through her realm to any with a noble, honest and innocent soul who believed in good, light and justice; no longer keeping the world of Faerie so opposed to mortals. In desperate need, a Faerie blade will appear when a mortal risks their life to defend a member of the Faerie race. There have been more than a dozen recorded instances but there are likely many more.


This is a tiny Faerie realm, no bigger than an average sized village and only accessible through the wish of Amorette, the Faerie queen, who will whisk a character (or occasionally a pair or trio, never any more than three people) away with the Wand of Worlds to the shore of its Faerie pond.
The Faerie pond of Starcadia is a reservoir of magical water that has rejuvenating properties, so one who drinks from or bathes in it will feel refreshed, no longer tired or weary, their aches and pains will be cured and any wounds that they may have received will heal (with only the exception of a bite from something turned).
There is a Faerie orchard on the far shore that produces fruit that acts as an antidote for almost all poisons (the only exception is that caused by eating the flesh of a Giant Snail, otherwise known as a Keeper of Time, as even the residents of the Faerie realms honour and respect the venerable sages with a worship worthy of gods).
Once refreshed, healed and rested, each visitor is given permission to take a pebble from the shore of the Faerie pond (and advised to if they decline as it is considered rude not to accept a gift from the Faerie queen, even something that appears trivial and without value such as a pebble, though those who are wise would know that nothing is trivial and everything has value if one is patient enough to learn of it).
When they are ready (and in possession of a pebble from Starcadia’s Faerie pond) the individual(s) gets transported back to Amorette’s august presence, where she reveals the true identity of their pebble. When touched with the Wand of Worlds, the pebble changes shape and colour, growing to twice its size and has its properties explained to its new owner. The following descriptions refer to the stones found in Starcadia:

• Star Stone: A dark blue stone that appears pockmarked like a sponge and has an amber star embedded in the centre. A star stone is able to burst in to a shower of bright golden stars upon command to make an impressive beacon. The stars projected from the stone are harmless and are just images of light.
• Moon Stone: There are four different Moon Stones (one for each moon) and each is the colour of its respective moon, gold, silver, red and green. Smooth and impervious, almost glassy to look at, each Moon Stone is flat and triangular with rounded corners. Regardless of which colour and moon the stone represents, they all have the same power which is the ability to cure a Lycanthrope (were-beast e.g. Werewolf, Wererat etc), turning the being back to its original state.
• Sun Stone: This pale white, flat disc shaped stone has the ability to blind, bursting with the light of a brilliant white sun which will burn someone’s eyes, permanently rendering them useless. One must be facing AWAY from an activated Sun Stone or lose one’s own sight too.
• Day Stone: This odd shaped green stone is one of the more potent Starcadia Stones and has the ability to extend the hours of daylight, keeping the night at bay for two hours. This must not be used frivolously as the immense strain on the natural order (the cycles of the sun and the moons etc) can have severely detrimental effects, confusing and stalling everything and everyone outside a five mile radius of the activated Day Stone for anything up to an entire day whilst the universe realigns itself.
• Rune Stone: This grey stone shaped and stone coloured stone is about half an inch thick with rough edges and a black rune of the Arcane language scratched in to it. These will perform which ever Arcane spell the rune represents (there are hundreds of different ones). The best thing about finding a Rune Stone is it is the only Starcadia Stone that is not limited to a single use so can have its magic employed over and over again, the cost of its power having been spent by the Faeries in another realm long ago so its use also comes without a price.
• Faerie Stone: Amorette’s favourites, a faerie stone can perform any telluric spell one can think of without having to use any spell components, remember any spell words or steal life-force to sate the mana’s cost. These have dual rewards because they also carry with them Amorette’s blessing which enables those who activate the Faerie Stone to turn invisible at will for a limited time (usually up to two, maybe even three hours if the Faerie queen particularly liked the character).
• Night Stone: These devastating stones do not belong in Starcadia or indeed, any Faerie Realm and it is unknown how they got there (though Amorette has her suspicions). The Faerie queen will confiscate these when revealed by the Wand of Worlds, by force if necessary (which would be a shame after receiving her hospitality and enjoying the rewards of a visit to Starcadia) and will ‘swap’ them for another Faerie gift if given freely. The alternative gift could be anything from a comb to a piece of jewellery, whatever the item, even if it seems mundane, it will be magical with some special Faerie attribute; many of which can summon the help of a Faerie as well as its primary magical use. Night Stones are fossilised Nevermore seeds and can be returned to their potent state with certain necromantic magic, enabling it to be planted and grow in to a Nevermore tree.

With the exception of the Rune Stones and the Night Stones (which are not actually stones) the other Starcadia Stones can be used only once and will become warm if a situation arises that would warrant the use of the Faerie gift. Once revealed by the Wand of Worlds and its use explained by Amorette, each Starcadia stone reverts back to its pebble form so the owner must remember what it is he or she has in their possession and keep it safe.
These stones can not ‘go off’ by accident as they can only be activated by the bearer’s sincere wish to use them. Visitors of Starcadia are people that the Faerie queen believes are worthy of the Faerie realm’s support and are usually kind, innocent or selfless; often found to be heroes who have saved lives or stopped suffering somehow. These individuals will be observed from time to time as anyone that ventures in to a Faerie realm can be located once they have left and Amorette tends to be fond of these special people and will sometimes come to their aid again if necessary; such is the love of Faerie-kind.

Willow’s Song

Apple pie lullaby,
Just for you,
How I want to beautify,
The world for you,
But a dragonfly lullaby,
Will not do,
So my butterfly lullaby,
I sing for you.

Cherry pie lullaby,
Just for you,
How I want to purify,
The world for you,
But a dragonfly lullaby,
Will not do,
So my butterfly lullaby,
I sing for you.

sung to my daughter to wing her to sleep, this was a piece of nonsense that sounded sweet when I sent her to her dreams with a simple melody