Like a stranger in life’s procession,

Evidently able to lose one’s self in

The world more easily than end the

Curses and misfortunes that wed my

Obsessive, compulsive, generosity.



5 thoughts on “Estranged

  1. Al says:

    I like that. Good to see you back Baldy

    • always good tobe back, hairy 🙂
      miss you all when I’m not around, sure you’vegotten used to me disappearing for months at a time though! you can always email me for a catchup if I’m not on here. hope allis well, mon amis 🙂

      • Al says:

        Thanks I will do. Kids are starting college this month. Damn I feel old

      • you and me both, Al! I was in your neck of the woods recently, visited family in Canterbury and Sittingbourne. Thought of you when planning to go to Dover but had to cancel as little one was very poorly and grandmother had cancer op (Willow is fine now and grandmother’s health improving).
        Good to hear from you, mon amis

      • Al says:

        Oh that’ a shame. I was in Canterbury yesterday. THink it was a bit late then though.

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