Reaching New Audiences

A big thank you to all who continue to comment and indicate they have read something here by pressing the ‘like’ button, I am very grateful.  A huge welcome to all my new readers, I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.  Baldy is a busy boy!  Trying to make headway on social media has been (and continues to be) a complete *rude word missing* but has also been a little rewarding as more and more have been following the blog and interacting, thank you and ‘Hi!’.

The Worcester Writers’ Circle has kindly added a link to here on their site and even posted my Flash Fiction introduction on their growing ‘resources’ page.  You can find The Worcester writers’ circle here:

Whilst life is very busy, I am trying to keep writing and spend as much time blogging and using the social media to keep up with all, I will read as many of your blogs as I am able, but if you know me at all, I hope you’ll know that I support all of your endeavours, regardless of how many buttons I press or posts I respond to.

I will be working on a secondary blog soon, purely about my mythological world, Cyralost; which I hope you will join me in when it arrives.  I’ll keep you posted.  Keep smiling and keep writing, best wishes to all from Baldy xx



One thought on “Reaching New Audiences

  1. Al says:

    Busy boy Baldy beckons burping bods.

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