Diligence (Written for Charles E.Yallowitz)

A steady effort without resistance,

Applying one’s self with earnest persistence,

Industrious, attentive and never shirking,

From responsibility, one is always hard working,

Ensuring consistency and competence, no less,

Such painstaking endeavours to be the best,

Continuation without frustration, resulting in the same,

A persevering character, diligence is my name.



7 thoughts on “Diligence (Written for Charles E.Yallowitz)

  1. Oloriel says:

    A wonderful tribute to a great guy by a great guy!:)

    • aw, you made me blush, dear heart x

      • Oloriel says:

        You know, my son watches a cartoon called The Amazing World of Gumball, maybe you heard of it, and there is an epissode where a thief tricks Gumball to loot a gas store and bla bla he tells them its a charity for bald people. So Gumball takes all funny stuff like a tiara and there is music going and at the end he says Im bald and Im proud! and it always reminds me of you! 😀

  2. Al says:

    Sounds like a great guy. An awesome poem for your friend, Baldy

  3. you’d love him, (p)al!

  4. *giggles* I love it already (must convince my little ones to watch it so I can see for myself!)!
    Bald is the new bold!
    I baldly go where no man has gone before!

  5. Thanks. Now if only I could actually work without getting frustrated. 🙂

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