Trench Fervor


Adrenaline led the fight,

Fear and panic lending a,

Speed and ferocity unmatched,

By the skill and experience,

Of any veteran on the field,

Adrenaline fed the fight,

Fear and panic bending a,

Need and curiosity, detached,

From the skull and interference,

Of any life yet to yield,

Adrenaline bled the fight,

Fear and panic mending a,

Creed and virtuosity hatched,

By the kill and belligerence,,

Of an anthem they could wield,

Adrenaline fled the fight,

Fear and panic ending a,

Need and tenacity, cached,

By the still and inexperienced,

Of any fate yet to be sealed.




Outmoded, outdated,

Past tense, perhaps,

But I get frustrated,

With anything more

Technical, than a

Toaster, electrical

Appliances are the bane

Of my existence,

So I refrain,

From their usage,

Even phoning

Often seems to

Get me moaning,

I would rather,

Send a letter,

Ink on paper,

So much better,

And more likely,

To impress,

Than an abbreviated


And as for writing,

Don’t get me started!

I look at the computer,

As if it farted,

The keys fill me with rage,

Oh, for parchment!

Give me a page!

The cold and glassy,

Stare of the screen,

Has me muttering

Words, obscene!

(The ones you would not

Utter before your mother)

The laptop and I are

Far from lovers,

And goodness! Gosh!

(And, of course, Golly!)

This poem has made me

Sound a wally!

But I had to vent,

Make my mood lighter,

Explain I’m NOT a typist,





(Though, I had to type this up to post it!)