Cyralost LIVES!

This is the new blog, all about my mythological world, Cyralost.  I just posted the first 50 posts, including stories, fantasy poems (that you may or not seen here on Baldypoems) and a few other interesting items.  The future is bright for The Chronicles of Cyralost as I have hundreds of pieces ready to upload, including a Bestiary, a resource section for fantasy writers, maps, and so much more.  I will also be posting the first chapter of The Chronicles of Tarkus on there.  The epic begins.

Baldypoems will continue as the poetry posting blog it was originally intended to be and I shall be writing and posting more poetry in due course, don’t forget you can see plenty of ‘silly’ poems on the baldypoems facebook page and can even follow this fugly on twitter!

Thank you for your love and support, I’ll be back very soon, hugs from Baldy x


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