Working Class Faith and Politics

Did we rise above the peasantry?

In our quest to become better,

Ignorance fed arrogance,

The yokes none could unfetter,

Proud of our work ethics,

But always burning to be more,

Than we earned, how we yearned,

For fortune’s fatal flaw.


We played at being yuppies,

In our shirts and shiny shoes,

Raped righteous resolutions,

Believing we had paid our dues,

And we whored away the destiny,

That we once thought we deserved,

So we could cheat the ferryman,

Our legacy preserved.

Fantasy Resources

I finally posted a couple of useful resources for fantasy writers on my other blog: The Chronicles of Cyralost.  If you’re interested in seafaring or precious stones, the two new resources may be of use to you here:

You can also find information about the creatures, monsters, gods and interesting places involved in my mythology on this site (as well as fiction and poetry pertaining to my fantasy world).  I hope you’ll take a look and tell any fans of fantasy you know.  Many thanks, best wishes from Baldy 🙂


Oh goodie, the computer/internet is playing games again and it is taking a hugely frustrating amount of time to load any page once more (and now the keys are not all working too!).  Sadly, it looks like posts will be few and far between and my reading online will be sparse (the ‘like’ button takes an age to load and comments are not all appearing so I am unable to let you know that I have read and enjoyed anyone’s writing).

I will be back at some point and, of course,  I wish you all the success you deserve, keep smiling and keep writing (and please, all send healing vibes to my technology).  Best wishes from Baldy 🙂