Dungeons of the Deep, Chapter 1, Part 1

Dungeons of the Deep, Chapter 1, Part 1.


Discovery Beyond Recovery

The poem poured out,

On to tired looking paper,

Where bored ‘individuals’,

Took turns to rape her,

Dissecting, infecting,

Disgusting theory,

Whilst words withered, wondering,

Why do they fear me?

Imaginations, stifled,

They rifled through text books,

Terrible teaching,

Received only vexed looks,

Schooled in deciphering,

Kept under heel,

The poem wept,

For they did not feel.


Winter finds the brokenhearted,

Malcontented, disenchanted,

Disappointed, our departed,

Left for shores, as yet, uncharted,

Love has grown and flown, alone,

An abyssal maw, an undertone,

Once more, cancer has outsmarted,

But cannot kill what you imparted,

For your wisdom, warmth and life still give,

And in our hearts, will ever live.