Exonerated Executioner

The gallows grow crowded,

If we string up all the fools,

Surely, better to let them fall,

In love, that they may hang

Themselves and, if push comes,

To shove, we can appease our

Horror hungry hearts by,

Murdering the idiots, those,

Unable to grasp the concept,

Of lying,

Fervid virginity, the masquerade

Of dying.


4 thoughts on “Exonerated Executioner

  1. I like this a lot. I’ve read it several times now, the last time aloud. It reads like a Shakespearean soliloquy. There’s a decided tone to it as if the character saying the piece has decided on an important truth and is informing others with some contempt and a voice that tires of life’s dilemma. I like the distinction made between fools and idiots and their respective roles. I think I’ll have another read with my acting hat on! I like this a lot, Baldy.

    • Thank you so much, I truly am grateful for the feedback and am most encouraged. It is nice to hear from you too, I am always so long absent due to computer issues and busy life. It is always refreshing to share with others and read the various talents in our writing community. Be well, sending a hug, best wishes from baldy

  2. “Murdering the idiots” – if only…

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