Caller Calamity

A salesman rings, just doing his job,

A child answers the phone in a whisper,

“Hello?” The little boy says as a breath,

Surprise, “Can I help you, sir?”

“Is your Mum home?” Asks the caller,

Instantly thinking him cute,

“Yes, sir, but she is busy.” Says the kid,

He really sounds astute,

“Is your Dad home?” The next question,

A grown-up is required,

“Yes, sir, but he is busy.” Curious,

Though not the answer desired,

“Is there another adult present?”

The salesman asks politely,

“Yes, sir, the police,” comes a whisper,

“But they’re busy.” Said contritely,

“What are they all doing?” Asks the man,

The child had piqued his curiosity,

Then came a giggle as the boy replied

In a whisper: “They’re looking for me!”


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