Sorry for poor picture, I just got up!

Sorry for poor picture, I just got up!

Baldy is the proud owner of Paul F. Lenzi’s new book!  Apologies for the ‘mauled by goblins’ appearance, this bleary eyed pic was taken shortly after I rose and, lets face it, I’m not the prettiest person when fully conscious!  A huge thank you to Paul for the poetry.  I have long been an admirer of Mr. Lenzi’s writing, there are few as dedicated to the craft.  Even the dedication in his new book is poetic.  I am delighted and urge others to delve in to this creative masterpiece.

Small Noise, Existential Echoes is published by Stonewood Press.  I highly recommend following Paul on his poetry blog: Poesy Plus Polemics.



6 thoughts on “Delighted

  1. so glad to know it arrived safely – I can’t thank you enough for your generous words and your staunch support – God bless you, my friend

  2. Reblogged this on Poesy plus Polemics and commented:
    A hearty “Thank You” to my friend and fellow poet Baldy (Kieran Davis) for his generous praise of my latest book. Visit his sight and you’ll find his humorous style most enjoyable.

  3. Reblogged this on scottishmomus and commented:
    No pics of me with Paul’s new book (Baldy looks better than I do first thing in the morning!) But he’s absolutely right when he describes this eleventh book of Paul’s – words from a gentleman and a fine poet – and a pleasure to read and hold. Congratulations, Paul. And go, Baldy, for being way braver than I am. 🙂

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