I read so many books that I began

to wonder if I would ever have an

original thought of my own, my

head almost full of others’ inklings,

Their adventures and imaginings.

Concerned there was no room left

for my own creations,I became

paranoid that I was a plagiarist.

Every time I read something new

(to me), There was something on

the page that I had previously

Considered. I was convinced I

had thought of it first, but these

notions had been penned life-times

before mine. Each time, I cursed

the creators, loathing the word-smiths

I worshipped. Finally, I accepted

the possibility that more than one

mortal mind could conceive a clever

catalyst, I just had to deliver mine

a different way, hope my style made

it my own; or pray my manuscript

was read before those of my conjoined

thinkers. And all the time, I wondered

if they had these thoughts and fears,

These insecurities and doubts.

Literature is truly a precious baby,

And ultimately, even when produced

Through despair and dark desire,

It is always a loving conception.


6 thoughts on “Conception

  1. I’ve often had similar thoughts

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I even find it amazing that, here on WP, I’ll find an echo of something I’ve just written, like somehow there’s a conjoined spirit of feeling and thought urging to speak on one thing or another.
    As a side note, the little follow button has just appeared at the bottom right corner of my kindle and I was positive I was already following you! Moving it down where it now is instead of at the top makes for the possibility to unfollow while typing. Why can’t they just leave things be?
    There it is again! Popping up green and I could so easily tap it unintentionally.
    Maybe a bit like tapping into the universal experience. We write from a shared human heritage and just hope we don’t hit the exact same buttons as anyone else. šŸ™‚

  3. *giggles* Keep smiling and keep writing, best wishes from baldy šŸ™‚

  4. You don’t have to be original to write something good. I’m sure you’ll find your own ‘spin’!

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