Don’t Speak (or Grief)

There are not the words

To assuage your grief

There never are, nor will

There be.  Pain beyond belief,

You want constant company,

But not for them to cross

Your path as your departed,

Empties you of all but loss,

And silence deafens,

And sound offends,

Just breathing is braking

Your heart with vehemence.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Speak (or Grief)

  1. Al says:

    Loss of a loved one or friend is such a difficult thing to deal with.

  2. Indeed. Been a fortunate year this year, first not to lose someone in a long time. I wrote this for someone else, someone dear. As, with all things pertaining to grief, it didn’t come out as hoped. There really isn’t anything ‘right’ to say in times like these. But we can be there for one another. Sometimes, just knowing you are loved and not alone can help through even the darkest of days. One thing I truly love and admire about the wordpress community is the support we all give each other, not just in encouraging and recognising talent, but sincere friendship shining through like a beacon of hope and wonder. I am grateful to EVERYONE who posts, comments and shows support through the ‘like’ button. We are blessed. I am blessed. I hope the lovely lady I wrote this for feels our love, I know we are all sending it. Keep smiling, mon amis. Hugs from baldy xx

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