Breathe the Dance-Macabre


Breathe the dance-macabre,

a sibilant sound, you see

the sense of something

dissonant, a distance, we

gaze upon a dark star,

the winter sun eclipse,

breathe the dance-macabre,

applied apocalypse.


Swords of seekers mark

the graves of those I claim,

brave in the face of oblivion,

the barbarians became

a haven for ravens,

the haunted harbour.

Bequeath the wicked waltz,

breathe the dance-macabre.




9 thoughts on “Breathe the Dance-Macabre

  1. nishant94 says:

    Marvellous poem. Please go through my poem.
    😄A short funny poem😄

  2. Lovely work. Very atmospheric, particualarly the repetition of ‘dance-macabre’ tying the other elements together.

  3. Heartafire says:

    a fabublous poem, wonderful alliteration!

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