Wow. Just wow.

Poesy plus Polemics

progress-and-psychosis-j-ethan-hopper “Progress and Psychosis” by J Ethan Hopper

let’s dance
on the shoddy parquet
that maddening marquetry
inlaid by angry fingers
prefrontal cortex
for violent release
of uncontrolled impulse
devolving the limbic
instinctive self

let’s dance
to the devil’s own beat
that maddening metronome
urged on by angry fingers
chords of compunction
for vicious release
of unrestrained mayhem
subverting the conscience
morality pissed upon
flushed to the sewers

I don’t care
why we dance
broken brains or sheer badness
who gives a rat’s ass
just so long as they
lock us both up
and then melt down the keys
into molten revenge
or burnt reckoning
either way putting us
where we belong

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