Free Cake

Lacuna book launch poster


Delighted to release the official promotional material for the launch of my book, Lacuna (available from Black Pear Press and Amazon soon!).  A big thank you to Martin Driscoll, who put this together, and to The Worcestershire Literary Festival and Fringe for making my book launch one of their events.  Thank you also, to Innovate, the company I work for.  Innovate are kindly sponsoring the event by providing the cake (so it really will be free!).

I hope you can all come.  There will be performances from  Polly Stretton,  Alan Durham, Mike Alma and, of course, me!  We might even read a couple of silly poems!  There will be cake, prepared by Super Chef, Steve Kilmartin and a party afterwards (including karaoke from the infamous Big Nick).

I am so proud of the book.  Brilliantly prepared by Black Pear Press, edited by  Polly Stretton, Lacuna boasts bespoke cover art from photographer, Damien Davis (who must admit that not even carrying the Olympic torch can compare to how amazing it is being related to me!).  Best wishes to all and lots of love.





5 thoughts on “Free Cake

    • Thanks, Paul. Your kind book blurb is on the back of my promotional book marks! I’ll post you one when I send you a copy of the book. I heard it goes to the printers this month. I know the official launch is in August but I suspect I’ll get some copies before. Best wishes, sir. 🙂

  1. Oloriel says:

    Wish you could mail me a piece of that cake, to arrive crisp with the book when I order!

  2. Heartiest congratulations, Baldy! Hope it’s a resounding success. 🙂

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