There is something I cherish

about certain garments,

a favourite jumper, a well-worn

coat, slippers; my wedding shoes

and faded concert tee-shirts.

Any item of clothing that has

survived to serve for many years,

by offering the kind of comfort

only rivalled by an embrace.

The old and used (and often abused)

will never perish, they are reborn

in my memory, something I choose

to adore until it hurts,

my stained cap, that threadbare

headwear that offers comfort

only rivalled by the smile on your face.



Lacuna at H. Smith Butchers



Thank you to local superstar, Uwe Meier of H. Smith Butchers (Lowesmoor, Worcester).  Uwe is proudly sporting the Lacuna book launch poster in his window!

H. Smith Butchers provide some of the finest cuts of meat to be found, impressive picnic treats (such as handmade pork pies) and the best pork scratchings in the area!  No wonder I’ve put on weight!

Uwe is a friendly and funny guy, quick with a joke, and a genuine pleasure to visit.  Thank you!

Lacuna is released by Black Pear Press on Sunday 14th August, at Drummonds (28 New Street, Worcester, WR1 2DP) – 4PM.  The launch will include a book signing from me, Kieran – Baldypoems – Davis, an abundance of cake; and a party afterwards!

There will also be readings from The Amazing Alan Durham, The Magnificent Mike Alma, Perfect Poet, Polly Stretton, and this year’s Worcestershire Poet  Laureate; Suz Winspear.

Everyone is welcome.

Lacuna at the Ginger Pig

lacuna ginger pig

Thank you to Steve at Ginger Pig!  Promoting the Lacuna book launch by proudly supporting a local poet, Steve is kindly popping one of my posters up!

You can find Ginger Pig on Copenhagen Street in Worcester city centre, a super café, bar and bistro; well worth a stop at!

My publisher, Black Pear Press, has informed me the book is at the printers.  I am so excited!  Lacuna is launched on Sunday 14th August at Drummonds in Worcester and will be available from Black Pear Press and Amazon shortly after!  Come to the launch to see poetry performances from The Magnificent Mike Alma, Perfect Poet, Polly Stretton, The Amazing Alan Durham (winner of the Worcestershire Literary Festival Flash Fiction Slam) and Worcestershire Poet Laureate; Suz Winspear.

I’ll perform too!  Come and get your copy of Lacuna signed and enjoy some free cake.  Keep smiling, much love from Baldy 🙂

Congratulations Charley Barnes!


Charley Barnes won the Worcestershire Literary Festival Poetry Slam!  Alan Durham (who will be performing at Baldy’s book launch) won the Flash Fiction Slam, delighting us with his wit and humour.  Baldy made the Poetry Slam final this year, and still feels like dancing inside after taking second place!

The night belonged to Charley, and rightly so.  This Poetry Slam Champ, broke our hearts and made us smile, delivering poems that seeped in to the souls of all.  Wonderful!  The Worcestershire Literary Festival was an amazing experience, we can’t wait for the next one!

Thank you to the hosts last night, Matt Windle, the Poet with the Punch, and Perfect Poet, Polly Stretton.



Epitaph, Entreated

It’s just my bones that lie here,

I want it written on my grave,

as my soul was sold so long ago,

so keep your prayers, and save

your tears; for the years I gave

you are worth more than the loss.

Wherever I am, I love you,

don’t be cross. I ask one last thing

of you, my one wish, my final boon,

live your life, be free and please;

don’t come and see me soon.

Struggling With Another Sober Summer

I could murder a pint,

quaff a cold draught,

but the cask asks more

of me than destiny dares

to deliver – and my liver

laughs in the face

of a challenge. Denied,

my pride, striding

to perform as I go riding

on the storm; and decline,

purging the urging demon,

that clichéd ‘monster in me’,

preserving, deserving

to be free. I must be me.

I must be me.  I must be me.