Worshipping Worcester (for Martin Driscoll)

The spires of our cathedral,

kiss the sky, a borrowed heaven,

a walk along the water,

an admiration of the Severn,

as swans go swimming

and the city sighs,

Worcester whispers lullabies,

songs that poets sing in their heart,

and we appreciate their art.



3 thoughts on “Worshipping Worcester (for Martin Driscoll)

  1. martindriscoll13 says:

    That’s TRULY lovely Kieran, but why not dedicate it to all who work for and support our LitFest & Fringe (which would also be you as well of course!)… thanks again matey.

    • Because YOU deserve some recognition. The poem was dedicated to you, in light of your dedication to Worcester’s writing community and the Worcestershire Literary Festival. Keep smiling 🙂

      • martindriscoll13 says:

        Thanks again matey, I’ll take that happily then but ever mindful of AL Lthe folk that make the festival &Fringe happen… been a delight so far, third day in now, not TOO tired yet…!

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