Lacuna at the Ginger Pig

lacuna ginger pig

Thank you to Steve at Ginger Pig!  Promoting the Lacuna book launch by proudly supporting a local poet, Steve is kindly popping one of my posters up!

You can find Ginger Pig on Copenhagen Street in Worcester city centre, a super café, bar and bistro; well worth a stop at!

My publisher, Black Pear Press, has informed me the book is at the printers.  I am so excited!  Lacuna is launched on Sunday 14th August at Drummonds in Worcester and will be available from Black Pear Press and Amazon shortly after!  Come to the launch to see poetry performances from The Magnificent Mike Alma, Perfect Poet, Polly Stretton, The Amazing Alan Durham (winner of the Worcestershire Literary Festival Flash Fiction Slam) and Worcestershire Poet Laureate; Suz Winspear.

I’ll perform too!  Come and get your copy of Lacuna signed and enjoy some free cake.  Keep smiling, much love from Baldy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lacuna at the Ginger Pig

  1. I am too far away for cake, but allbest to you with your book launch

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