There is something I cherish

about certain garments,

a favourite jumper, a well-worn

coat, slippers; my wedding shoes

and faded concert tee-shirts.

Any item of clothing that has

survived to serve for many years,

by offering the kind of comfort

only rivalled by an embrace.

The old and used (and often abused)

will never perish, they are reborn

in my memory, something I choose

to adore until it hurts,

my stained cap, that threadbare

headwear that offers comfort

only rivalled by the smile on your face.




2 thoughts on “Comfy

  1. Fortune's Expensive Smile says:

    “Threadbare headware” — I love that. I love this whole piece. I have my favorite pieces too.

    Somehow, your work has a universal feel to it that I can barely scratch in my own work. Keep it up, man. You’ve got a fan in me.


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