I know you’re not shatterproof,

though not a china doll,

your façade, prettily painted,

my faint heart aches to see

beyond the spoof,

inside the soul, the tainted

saint, tattooed; breaks.

And can I glue the pieces

back together? Make you

believe the damage – lost

no value. Can I iron out

the creases, sever the knot

beneath; that secures the cost?

Can I? Can you?


Worshipping Worcester (for Martin Driscoll)

The spires of our cathedral,

kiss the sky, a borrowed heaven,

a walk along the water,

an admiration of the Severn,

as swans go swimming

and the city sighs,

Worcester whispers lullabies,

songs that poets sing in their heart,

and we appreciate their art.


Promotion Begins

lacuna sub studio

The ‘Lacuna’ launch campaign begins with David of Sub Studio, the chap who took my profile picture for the inside cover of my book.  David is proudly sporting a launch poster in his shop (and not just because he gets acknowledged in the book!).

Thank you Sub Studio!

In the spirit of community and mutual promotion, I am happy to tell you what a professional and talented photographer David is.  My family proudly post the pictures he took on social media and they adorn many of our walls!

Lacuna, published by Black Pear Press, will be launched at Drummonds in Worcester on Sunday 14th August, come for the free cake, stay for the poetry and party after!

The evening will include readers from Polly Stretton, Mike Alma and Alan Durham, not to be missed!

Congratulations, Suz!

mayor and laureats

The sixth, sensational, Worcestershire Festival – exploded in to life, with the crowning of our new Worcestershire Laureate ; Suz Winspear!   The opening night was magical, with readings from young writers, and cool compare; Matt Windle.

Shortlisted superstars, Charley Barnes and Peter Sutton, wowed us with their words.  Peter’s performance was impressive and Charley’s was heartbreakingly beautiful.

Suz Winspear, Worcester’s ‘Resident Goth’ was almost speechless, after being shortlisted several times for the honour, this award was more than well deserved.  Suz reminded the Worcester audience of our heritage, declaring that, as laureate; the poet will raise awareness of our modern poets and local talents, to ensure this generation leaves an impressive heritage for others.

Congratulations to Charley and Peter for a super achievement.  And congratulations to Suz, Worcestershire’s Poet Laureate!


baldy and suz 2