Just out of shot,

the funny face

that they were all smiling at,

not forgotten,

though not in the picture,

the name,

etched forever

on the edge of the frame,

in all of our hearts,

the game bird,

that one word,

which elicits smiles still:






For a moment,

I almost felt naughty

for listening,

my pristine page,

taunting the chewed pencil

as I try to capture characters

through an exercise

suggested in a magazine,

but then I see

I am not alone

in my invasion of privacy,

that knowing smile

across the café,

I swear I saw a wink

that said:

‘You made it into

My notebook too.”



Old houses, abandoned playgrounds,

that live on in my memory,

derelict dreams, your smile –

forever haunting me.

The ghosts of kisses echo

in my sensibility,

forgetting the phantoms,

an impossibility.

Favourite places leave traces,

faces, barely recalled,

but able to enchant

and keep me enthralled,

the dens where we

played ‘let’s pretend’

and you stole your first

kiss from me;

where you went and how you died,

still a mystery.


Lacuna at Daisychain


Thank you!  Thank you to Denise Wray, Sue Walster, Reuben Taylor and Holly Napier (all pictured below) from Daisychain Benevolent Fund, proudly promoting the Lacuna launch.

Daisychain Benevolent Fund Trust’s aim is the preservation of health and the relief of sickness for children and young adults in the community.  Inspiring work by a wonderful charity.

The Daisychain bookshop in St John’s (Worcester) is a delight to visit, their volunteers are friendly and helpful, and their selection of books is superb (don’t tell my wife, but I left with three beautiful books today!).  With an impressive poetry selection and eye-catching displays of all genres, this is a booklover’s veritable Utopia.

Lacuna is the debut collection from prize-winning poet, Kieran Davis (also known as Baldypoems).  The book is published by Black Pear Press and features cover art from Olympic torch bearer, Damien Davis.  The book launch, sponsored by Innovate (who are providing the free cake) and the Worcestershire Literary Festival, takes place at 4PM on Sunday 14th August at Drummonds (New Street, Worcester).

As well as free cake (I mentioned free cake, right?) there will be poetry performances from The Magnificent Mike Alma, The Amazing Alan Durham, Perfect Poet, Polly Stretton and Worcestershire Poet Laureate; Suz Winspear.


Lacuna at Blue Cross

blue cross1

Thank you!  Thank you to Martin Purser (pictured below) and Blue cross, proudly promoting the Lacuna Launch.  Blue Cross is a charity that helps to find homes for previously unwanted pets.  Animal lovers can sponsor a cat or dog for as little as £3 a month.

Donations and purchases go towards feeding, and caring for animals as well as paying for much needed (and often expensive) medical bills.  Martin is charming and a joy to speak to, I hope you will visit him at Blue Cross charity shop on Mealcheapen Street

Lacuna is the debut collection of poetry from prize-winning poet, Kieran Davis (of Baldypoems fame).  Published by Black Pear Press and sporting cover art from Damien Davis, Lacuna is released on Sunday 14th August at Drummonds (New Street, Worcester, 4PM).

blue cross2