Lacuna at Boston Tea Party


Thank you!  Thank you to Emma, the manager of Boston Tea Party, and to Tilly (pictured below) for proudly promoting the Lacuna launch.  Boston Tea Party boasts a magnificent array of beverages for any occasion and serves tasty treats all day.  Their breakfasts are impressive and their cakes are delicious.

Lacuna is published by Black Pear Press and available from August 14th.  The book launch takes place at Drummonds on New Street, Worcester, at 4PM.  Performances at the launch include, Worcestershire Poet Laureate, Suz Winspear, The Magnificent Mike Alma (author of 33 Years in the Lane), Worcesterhire Literary Festival Flash Fiction champion, The Amazing Alan Durham; and Perfect Poet – Polly Stretton (of ‘Girl’s Got Rhythm’ fame).

Also performing are: prize-winning poet, Kieran (Baldypoems) Davis and his son, Oscar (who will be reading his favourite poem ‘A Good Boy’ by Robert Louis Stevenson.  Come for the free cake, but stay for the poetry and party afterwards!


Keep smiling 🙂

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