Painting Faces (for Jane Blundel)

The boys, they ask for tigers,

Super-heroes, dinosaurs,

Pokémon we’ve never heard of,

and monsters, of course!

The girls, they all like ‘Frozen’,

fairies and butterflies,

princesses, all of them,

the stuff of lullabies.



On Saturday 27th August 2016, poets from Worcester and members of the Worcestershire Literary Festival committee wrote and performed poetry on demand for the public in the CrownGate shopping centre.  We were most fortunate to have a ‘captive audience’ as Jane Blundel was face painting next to us, so we pounced on shoppers as they waited with their children.

Jane is lovely, and an impressive artist, the children she painted looked magnificent.  You can find Jane’s company, Funky Faces here:  The Worcestershire Litfest and Fringe would like to thank Jane and, of course, all the poets.

A truly wonderful day!

Event Horizon

Eyes, like aspergillums,

an intermittent trickle

and sprinkle of salt waters,

that sing hymns and belt out

anthems, simultaneously.

Famously, the fickle fates

of fathers, are the sires

to daughters of destiny,

kings that felt doubt.


the poet’s page reaches out,

a crime, defying time,

most humorously.