Unstable Symmetry

The sound of a syllable,

the word, wet in my mouth,

I write a lullaby,

left by the letters

that reverberate

in my line of sight.

The bounce of the paragraph,

the simple sentence,

so stable

in the comfort of the book,

a hardcover,

offering security.



Colour Me in Cyanide & Cherries

mirj1 mirj2

Look what arrived!  Baldy’s copy of ‘Colour Me in Cyanide & Cherries’!  Wonderful poetry from Mirjana M Inalman (known to the WordPress community as Oloriel).  You can get your copy here:


And why not try before you buy, and check out the Colour Me in Cyanide and Cherries blog:



Mental Mentor (For Nigel Moir)

You taught me to love the rain,

to know the night, and my place

in it, to still feel significant

when the stars – might suggest otherwise.

You taught me to love the rain,

to goad the storm into a fight,

place myself in the eye of it,

magnificent, a hurricane heart never dies.

You taught me, you taught me

how to use the pain.

You taught me to love the rain,

you taught me to love the rain.