Lacuna (For Paul F. Lenzi)

The sky was a bruised blue,

a prelude of the night,

a prequel to the prophecy

that legend known as ‘light’,

the coming day was but a myth

to those deprived of sleep,

the horror of the haunted heart,

a secret none should keep.



Written for a hugely encouraging and amazingly talented poet.  Paul F. Lenzi is a personal hero of mine, a man who has made an astonishing contribution to the world of poetry; and has nurtured the gifts of many budding and accomplished poets.  We celebrate National Poetry Day today, I aim to do so by honouring the talented poets who give me so much to celebrate.




4 thoughts on “Lacuna (For Paul F. Lenzi)

  1. your generosity and thoughtfulness touch me deeply, my friend – beyond words that can adequately express my gratitude – please know that watching your own success unfold has been a great joy for me

  2. Reblogged this on Poesy plus Polemics and commented:
    Friend and fellow poet Kieran Davis (Baldy) honors me in a way that frankly leaves me speechless.

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