Please (Written for Nina Lewis)


don’t censor that beautiful smile,

why mar that moment-meant mouth

with lippy?

You grip me,

when that smile comes from your eyes,

I cannot disguise my delight

when you appear without the mask,

the unnecessary makeup

that breaks up

the raw honesty of your performance.


don’t censor that beautiful smile,

your eyelashes laugh easily,

your moment-meant mouth


for poetry,

a momentary stall,

I catch my breath, suddenly realising,

I had not exhaled in a while.


don’t censor that beautiful smile.



Written for Nina Lewis (Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2017).  This true sentiment applies to everyone.  You are ALL beautiful the way you are.

Stuff of Dreams

Is this the stuff of dreams?

fractured images of the past,

a mirror, absent glass,

the themes of movies

intermingled with the motives

of the mind’s attempt to interpret

the tenacious trivia

of a life lived in an unforgiving body.

The moving pictures of a memory

almost full, the impatience

and perseverance,

the clearance sale of one’s soul,

where the hole in my world

swallowed the hollowed mountain

of my ambition.

The kiss that left an abyss

in my sensibility,

bereft of destiny, the density

of the sea I cannot swim across,

holds me fast, holds me down,

holds me to the cost of caring,

holds me to the promise,

repairing small parts without recompense,

asked for or otherwise,

it holds me to the mother of all junkies,

allowing me to suckle the lies,

so I can tell myself: no surprise,

you can always fuck your knuckles.



The burden of mortality,

A reality for some,

the cumbersome curse,

diagnosed and treated

for a while, the false smile,

that doesn’t meet the eyes,

that glassy stare begins

to wipe the grins

from their faces.

The empty spaces and traces

of pain, waring

and taking its toll,

breaking and baring

down on the soul.

“Snap out of it.” They say,

A haunting expression,

such misconception pertaining

to this disease, depression.

Whims, Wielded



Embracing the wild animals

we once were,

in one frantic moment

of abandonment,

casting off our fragile humanity

as we plunge into the depths

of sex, and become

the trusting, disgusting danger

of delight.




The night, tight with the frightening

lightning that lances

flesh and untangles limbs,

our whims, wielded,

you yielded to my

impractical protuberance,

snaked, suckled, coiled, recoiled,

sexual exuberance,







The rage, the release,

I beg,


But you tease, and we quibble,

as I dribble, barely able to breathe,

and I stress as you dress,

and leave.

Bereft, I came and you left.