The burden of mortality,

A reality for some,

the cumbersome curse,

diagnosed and treated

for a while, the false smile,

that doesn’t meet the eyes,

that glassy stare begins

to wipe the grins

from their faces.

The empty spaces and traces

of pain, waring

and taking its toll,

breaking and baring

down on the soul.

“Snap out of it.” They say,

A haunting expression,

such misconception pertaining

to this disease, depression.


One thought on “Unspoken

  1. Al says:

    “It’s all in your head”
    “Smile, it will make you feel better”
    “You’ll be fine after a cup of coffee”

    Depression is a devastating disease that feels like a tunnel with no end. There is an end though. It’s just trying to find the end.

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