Spill Your Ink

1 WEEK TO GO! On the 28th October INKSPILL 2017 will be underway. If this is your first year participating please read this post, if you have INKSPILLED before – please also read this post. Our full programme will be announced on the 27th October. These are buttons you can save and share to […]

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Once Upon-A-Time, Tomorrow

I like that I closed the show,

that I am your last memory

of the evening,

the ghost of my performance,

lingering as you seek your sleep.

The absence of ignorance, for me,

shows I know the host

was leaving me until last

to leave you with a lasting

impression. The digestion

of free-form, the audience

understands that their applause

demands, one day,

I shall once again – perform.

I Roll My Own Cigarettes

I roll my own cigarettes,

I know I shouldn’t

but surely cancer couldn’t

fail to respect

the debt

I already owe my body?

I roll my own cigarettes,

an art-form that will not conform,

such careful precision,


but gratefully tasted,

my yellowed fingers,

a disgrace I face,

yet will not defend my position.

I pretend it is pasted,

paint, not a taint,

my vice, my decision,

but I, unruly,

truly… do not care.

I am prepared.

I roll my own cigarettes,

often in advance,

ready for the chance

to advance my pleasure,

I work at my leisure,

I roll my own cigarettes.

The Baldy Update, Autumn 2017

Dear All,

Hope this finds you well.  Heck, I hope this finds you, I know I have neglected the blog and been absent in reading yours this last year, I am sorry.  Nothing wrong, just crazy-busy with life’s responsibilities.

The last year has been a blur, time has no concept of our need, and has devoured much of me lately.  On a positive note,  My family are doing well, my children are exceeding my expectations in all areas.  My involvement with the Worcestershire Literary Festival & Fringe has been fruitful, having helped raise a great deal of much needed funding, and supporting amazing writers and performers.

My friends and colleagues are seeing some success, and I am delighted to see their publications come to life.  My own publication, Lacuna has sold more than initially expected, and my publisher are working on my second collection (‘Legacy’).

A third collection (‘Legend’) is under consideration, and I have begun work on putting together the material for my fourth and fifth collections (‘Larem’ and ‘Leaving’).

Time, my ancient enemy, has robbed me, once again.  Be well, keep smiling, and keep writing.  Much love, Baldy.