Lacuna, the Launch Pictures!

I am delighted!  A friend of the family, photographer, Andrew Miller; kindly sent me pictures of the Lacuna book launch.  I am very pleased to share these with Mr Miller’s kind permission.


Published!  Hooray!


Poets, performers, and personal heroes of mine.  My friends, Mike Alma, Alan Durham and Polly Stretton; kindly read at the Lacuna launch.


Worcestershire Poet Laureate, Suz Winspear, wowed the audience.


My youngest son, Oscar Davis, read his favourite poem: ‘A Good Boy’ by Robert Louis Stevenson.  Oscar truly stole the show, people are still talking about his performance!


Alan, Mike, Polly and I read my poem, ‘Beyond the Realms of Redemption’ together.  A wonderful performance, I loved every second of it.


I celebrated with family and friends, including Worcestershire Literary Festival Poetry Slam Champion, Charley Barnes (pictured right) and Worcestershire Poet Laureate, Suz Winspear (left).  I am blessed to be pals with such talented and lovely ladies.


This is my brother, Damien (who took the amazing picture for Lacuna’s front cover) and my beautiful niece, Ellie (Uncle Baldy’s Princess).


My editor, the brilliant poet, Polly Stretton, with Oscar.  They just taught my eldest daughter, Willow, ‘jazz hands’!

Signing some books!


And kissing gorgeous girls!  This is the photographer, Andrew Miller’s wife, Karen.  ‘Kazzie’ looks after our children when we are at work and they are not at school or nursery, we would be lost without her, and love her dearly.


Wonderful day, luckiest man alive.  Thank you to my publisher, Black Pear Press, and to all who came to the launch.  Memories that will last a life-time.

Those who still want to get their hands on a copy of Lacuna get one here:

Kieran Davis

Best wishes and much love from Baldy.


Son Shine






I tried to teach you lessons

that I never learned,

preached about passions,

the bridges I burned,

and I spoke of the world

like it was somewhere I had been,

warned you away from girls,

take it all away, unclean,

that anthem, that screamer,

I almost coughed up a lung,

this daft, old daydreamer,

born old to die young,

thankfully, you did not listen,

too much like your dad,

I leave proud tears to glisten

on memories we have had.





I love you, sunshine.

Baldy needs Your Help!

I am delighted to say my shortlisted poem, ‘Loneliness’ is one of eleven finalists for the Theatre Cloud’s Loneliness Project. I am so pleased that I was selected from over six hundred entries, proud and humbled.
The judging takes place this week and I am campaigning for votes again. There are two prizes voted for by the judges, but there is a third prize for the poem with the most votes, shares and you tube views. If you haven’t voted for my poem yet, please, please – I urge you to take a look and; vote for it by clicking the heart icon. The link to the poem is here:

I would greatly appreciate anyone sharing the link on their blogs and social media.

Thank you all. And thank you all for your continued support and kindness. Baldypoems has had some wonderful success this year and it is a genuine pleasure to remain in this community. Much love,

Baldy xx

Free Cake

Lacuna book launch poster


Delighted to release the official promotional material for the launch of my book, Lacuna (available from Black Pear Press and Amazon soon!).  A big thank you to Martin Driscoll, who put this together, and to The Worcestershire Literary Festival and Fringe for making my book launch one of their events.  Thank you also, to Innovate, the company I work for.  Innovate are kindly sponsoring the event by providing the cake (so it really will be free!).

I hope you can all come.  There will be performances from  Polly Stretton,  Alan Durham, Mike Alma and, of course, me!  We might even read a couple of silly poems!  There will be cake, prepared by Super Chef, Steve Kilmartin and a party afterwards (including karaoke from the infamous Big Nick).

I am so proud of the book.  Brilliantly prepared by Black Pear Press, edited by  Polly Stretton, Lacuna boasts bespoke cover art from photographer, Damien Davis (who must admit that not even carrying the Olympic torch can compare to how amazing it is being related to me!).  Best wishes to all and lots of love.






I am delighted to tell you that my book, Lacuna, will be released by Black Pear Press on Sunday 14th August.  There will be a book launch, including a book signing and poetry readings from myself, the amazing Alan Durham, the magnificent Mike Alma and perfect poet; Polly Stretton.

The launch will start at 4pm at Drummonds (28 New St, Worcester WR1 2DP) and end around 6pm.  You may want to book Monday the 15th August off work as there will be one heck of a party afterwards (same venue).

I hope to see as many of you as possible, thank you all, the support has been welcome and humbling.