Po’art’ry Here We Go!

I have been cooking up something special for poets, publishers of poetry and our libraries.  The following letter will be going out to nearly a hundred publishers and almost twice as many poetry magazines and small press over the next two months.

Baldy (Kieran Davis) and his brother, Damien, aim to rock the poetry world this summer.  Watch this space.


To whom it may concern,

I hope this finds you well.  ‘Hope’ is very much the theme of this missive and I hope you’ll be excited about what I aim to do for the world of poetry.  Don’t panic, I’m not asking for money (I hate money) or publication (I have that sorted).  My name is Kieran Davis, I am a poet with dreams bigger than myself.  I am working on a project called ‘Poartry’.

Poartry has a number of objectives, primarily, to raise awareness of poetry as an art-form, but to also promote poets, publishers of poetry and our libraries.  I am working with a web designer to create a place with an extensive source of resources for us all.

The website will include a newsfeed that will advertise poets and publishers, poetry events such as book launches, readings, workshops, competitions and more. It will have an impressive listing of poetry publishers, magazines and small press, with links to their sites, contact details and submissions guidelines.

I hope to include a poet’s page with links to poets’ sites and samples of their poetry. There will be a page for poets old and new, the most read, the famous, and those deserving of fame (should they seek it).

There will also be a ‘Poetry Prompts’ page with ideas, visual aids and more, intended to inspire poets. The possibilities are endless and it is hoped that the more people involved, the more we can support and promote each other with no cost involved.

There are two other primary objectives for Poartry.  One is ‘Lending Your Love.’  This project is to support our libraries and improve their poetry selection and displays; and hopefully increase their usage.  I will be working with my local libraries but urge you all to get involved with your own.  This project includes the publishers arranging book signings for their poets at the library and maybe readings or other events (I am hoping to take two other poets on a tour of my own local libraries.

The other part of the  ‘Lending Your Love’ project is the donation of books, pamphlets and magazines to improve our libraries’ poetry selection and modernise it.  I am writing to my own local libraries with all the above information and requesting a library liaison to help with contacting libraries nationwide to support you all with these endeavours.

Of course, there is no obligation but if you can afford to give your local library a book or two (or magazine/pamphlet if you are a small press), I am sure the goodwill will be recognised and rewarded.  Please invite your local press to any event and inform them of your book donation as part of the Poartry initiative, then send me the information/press cutting.  I have a couple of publishers donating books already to the Worcestershire libraries but if you could see yourself donating an additional copy for me to present my own library with, I would be eternally grateful.  If this goes as hoped, we may be able to get sponsorship or funding to buy books for the libraries, but one thing at a time.  I don’t like dealing with money and will only ever ask donations of literature (and time).

Finally, Poartry’s last objective is ‘The Planting of the Poet Trees’.  This will involve, a poet or group of poets (and hopefully their publisher) performing a poetry reading whilst they plant a tree (hopefully at or near a library) to commemorate a poet.  This will hopefully involve your local council and conservation group.  Anything you can organise or suggest to others to be a part of this will be welcome news.  Again, please invite your local press and send me the details of events and publication around this.

Please let me know if you will approve of me using your details for the forthcoming Poartry site (hopefully live end of July, start of August) and let me know if you can be involved in either ‘Lending Your Love’ or ‘The Planting of the Poet Tree’.  All correspondence to the email address or home address below.  I will send a message of receipt for any book donations intended for my library and let you know which one receives them.  Thank you so much for your time, I wish you every success and will keep you posted on the Poartry projects.  Sincere best wishes,


Kieran Davis



From the Archives: Recovery

A darkness in the spirit,

One would imbibe,

Washing away wishes,

Create a great divide,

Burning broken bridges,

Diluting diatribe,

Life was distilled, in

Whiskey, one would hide.

And memory was mystery,

(A mythological history)

Invented just to justify,

The resistance of existence,

And the chance to deny,

Until light spilled though a whisper,

Life asked me to kiss her,

Believed (BELIEVED!),

My love, she breathed,

A reason to live, to be,

One wonders, discovery,

So sweet is recovery,

Finally one feels free.




Amendment to original post.  Now nine years sober, thanks to a loving wife and four beautiful children.  Thanks to all who continue to believe.

Wonderful News!

My beautiful wife, gave birth to a daughter today!  Daisie Seren Georgia Davis was born at 9.44 this morning, weighing 6lb 8 oz.  Both my wife, Sian, and gorgeous little girl are doing great.  My other children are delighted, as are all who have been told.  Thank you all for your love and support, I am so pleased to share this with you.  Baldy is the luckiest and happiest man alive!

Keep smiling and keep writing, much love from Baldy xx

Tony Judge & the Baldy Update

Firstly, thank you to all my readers.  Welcome and thank you to all the new followers.  I have been reading more than writing these last couple of weeks, but will be posting more poetry soon.

My other blog (The Chronicles of Cyralost) has had a lot of time devoted to it recently and I have now written three hundred appendices for the mythology (which totals three hundred thousand words, when including the novel, short stories and poetry based in my fantasy world).

Reading has been most enjoyable as always.  For the first time in a long time, I have been reading outside my usual genre and comfort zone.  I am currently half way through ‘The Sirocco Express’ by Tony Judge, a brilliant writer I have the great pleasure of knowing in person. This book is a dark and  compelling tale of an African man called Adebayo who is trying to smuggle himself to London.  The character is an avid reader that instantly transports you in to his world, the story sprints through a gripping adventure in an intelligent and refreshing way; bashing the reader in the brain with the best and worst humanity is capable of.

I know my obsessive compulsive generosity sometimes makes people uncomfortable or disbelieving of my praise, but I assure you, I speak highly of Mr. Judge with good reason.  Tony’s impressive vocabulary transported me on a wonderful journey and I look forward to finishing the novel soon.

Please take a look at his author pages:



I have also been trying to make sense of social media (somewhat poorly) and had the great delight of tweeting Margaret Weis, a hero of mine, and other writers of a similar ilk.  Technology still astounds me and frustrates me more than anything, due to my inability to understand it.  However, I soldier on, knowing that being a part of this wonderful community and contact with so many talented friends is only possibly because of the computer I swear at so often.

I am attending my first evening with ’42’, a group of fantasy, science fiction and horror enthusiasts on Wednesday 29th July, where I will be reading two poems.

Now I must go and look for my sanity (I know I left it round here somewhere) as my little ones are terrorizing each other and making my house look like someone blew up Toys ‘R’ Us.

Much love to all, keep smiling and keep writing,

Best wishes from Baldy

Brother, Mine


Here’s an oldie but a goodie (and a poem too):


Brother, Mine

Bridge over troubled water,

Your love has kept me warm,

You took me home and washed my hands,

Gave me shelter from the storm.

Dutiful and caring, you are beyond comparing

To others who have lit my way,

A shoulder to cry on, the one I rely on,

Brother, you are my hero, night and day.


I appreciate your council and patience,

Your words of comfort when I am on my own,

For the blood we share and the way you care,

Reminds me I am never alone.

For you are always with me,

Making all the bad things fine,

Supporting and encouraging,

I love you, brother, mine.



Fan Art


My son, Oscar made a picture of us!  The big one is me and the little one is my beautiful wife, who appears to be frowning (probably upset with me for snoring again!).  I received a fantastic email from long-time pen-pal and fan of my mythology, Keith Nimmo, who agreed to let me post a photo of the two paintings he sent me and asked if he could use my Cyralost material for some concept art as part of his college course (which, of course, I was delighted about).  When I was telling my beloved Sian this morning, Oscar was drawing this on his sketcher, as soon as I saw it, I got Sian to photo it on her thingy-phone and e-mail it to me so I could post it as a prime example of fan art (a too-cute moment inspired by a wonderful photo by Charles Yallowitz of his own prodigy).

I will beposting the Summoner’s Stone article on the new ‘The chronicles of cyralost’ blog and invite anyone interested to send in ‘fan art’.  I would also love to hear from my fellow writers about any fan-mail they may have received.  How exciting!  Best wishes to all, hugs from baldy x