A Song of Sin and Silence by Ar Vhee & Baldy

A Song of Sin and Silence

By Ar Vhee & Baldy


Like a lightning in darkness he came ,
Beautiful and brilliant I was drawn,
Touch like a drug weakens me yet still sane ,
Flawed, I am, yet he managed it too soon.


Like a storm, he ravished heart , the shame,
No evidence of pearly essence, consumed, reborn,
Touches me like I am a fallen goddess, fain,
He is the sun and I am the moon.


Two dark sides reflecting the other,
Familiar private wounds and desires of heart,
Love transformed, evolved, and stronger,
Torment of pasts didn’t tear them apart.


Like an absence of light, another,

Mirror of prisms moved souls apart,

Love transformed, involved a longer,

Triumph of passion, forgiven as they depart.




Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce a beautiful person with a gift for poetry.  Ar Vhee is a romantic poet and excellent sketch artist who inspired me to do a duet.  This was a most rewarding experience and great to co-write with someone so talented and lovely as Ar Vhee.  I hope you like the poem and bid you go visit Ar Vhee’s blog to discover more of what she has to share: http://metarvheenoia.wordpress.com/