Love sees through the rain

to discover cerulean skies,

love sees you mirrored

in each other’s eyes,

love is literature,

poetry in motion,

love lives on your lips

and leaves only devotion.


Empty Page

Extricate the extrovert,

liberate the liar,

hyperventilating hypocrite,

inspired first-time-buyer,

the science of mythology,

contradicts the smitten,

the chance to dance

with all, as yet unwritten.




My tobacco tin is ten years old,

and doesn’t hold my smokes

like it used to do.

We’ve been married ten years

and you still laugh at my jokes,

my love. My love, I love you.

A decade down the line,

we’ve had our ups and our downs,

more smiles then frowns,

for, though we’ve had more knocks

than most couples who cope,

we held on to hope.

We held on to one another,

braved the storm

and formed a bond

that none can break.

I still see you in my dreams,

you are still the first thought

when I wake, and I don’t care

about the clichés, they work (like us)

because they’re true, my love. My love,

I am so in love with you.



Happy tenth anniversary to my beloved wife, Sian.  Luckiest girl alive?  Certainly the most tolerant!  I love you, my biscuits x



Biscuits (On Our 10th Anniversary)

Happy anniversary!

I heard ten years is tin,

but gifts after this long,

like my hair, is wearing thin,

when buying for the sake

of giving, just living

with you is bliss. You are

still my biscuits and I still

cherish every kiss.

I love you every day,

not just anniversaries

and Hallmark holidays,

I am yours, as ever,

I love you – always.